Can I get this in HOT PINK?

There are times I am forced to do things I really don't want to do. Such as:

1. Sit in a gas chamber while tear gas is being released (seriously)
2. Eat MRE's - Meals Ready to Eat (barfy rations)
3. Fire a semi-automatic rifle (M16)

Todays delightful task was nothing less than PAINFUL. Thanks to the recent shootings at Frankurt International Airport, I have to learn how to use a M-9 hand weapon (aka Beretta) and fire it in a variety of tactical positions. Those that don't qualify with the minimum hits will be considered a loser have to take the entire class over again.   

TG for SF Redbull. Combined with black coffee, is it
my  saving grace with the 0430 wakeup.
I know some readers would think that learning how to master a powerful hand gun is a cool thing to do, and for them I would happily step aside.
Nail polish ruiner.
The whole gun firing process BLOWS. It jacks up your nails, gives your caluses/blisters on your hands and then at the end of the process you're rewarded with a facial misting of gun powder and lubricating cleaning oil. It's DIRTY, LOUD and NOT MY THING whatsoever.

So how'd did I do? Uh -huh people - I shot 41 out of 45. Those arrogant boys can go on home - the petite blonde just smoked em. 

It could only be better if my gun was HOT PINK...........and maybe bedazzled.
I swore Hello Kitty would never be on my blog,
 but I'll make a huge exception for this photo.
Pink gun photo courtesy of frederation.files


Lisa Cozza said...

My favorite pic is the 'nail polish / M16. But the 'Hello Kitty' in Hot Pink is pretty awesome! I once fired a 45 automatic and it totally blew me knocked me out of my chair. (That was embarrassing!)

I am TOTALLY going to make you a character in my book. Oh yes I am. :)

Tyler said...

When the hubs and I were dating, he went to Basic and we wrote a lot of letters. He wrote about eating MREs. I totally thought he was going out to eat at MR. Es. I remember thinking Basic seemed a lot nicer than I had expected it to be. Bahahahaha!

Pleemiller said...

this post just made me laugh...the pic of your nailpolish with the gun says it all....there is so much total tension in that pic----
you go many men had to retake the rock!

Anonymous said...

learning to shoot a gun does sound fun, but i just shot a gun for the first time last year and it freaked me out, which i didn't expect at all. it really took me by surprise.

so true about polish and blisters though!

Kristen from Love Lipstick and Pearls

(blogger comments is still being lame)

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

So glad that you kicked the guys butts, good for you.

xStroutx said...

Ha! I love that you beat the guys, good work!

Anonymous said...

you're awesome! just awesome ♥ if i ever find a Hot Pink gun i'll make sure to send it to you (although it probably won't happened since guns are totally illegal in Canada lol )


Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Lisa - I want to be a character in a book - cool! Can I be like Lara Croft or someone cool like that? I love that you fell into the chair - thats funny. I hear 45 are very powerful, so it would probably happen to me too!

Pleemiller - you are so right about my grip. My hand is in this weird pig hoof squeeze. So funny! Guns, blah and bleh.

Jello - I laughed out loud at your post. Guns are illegal? That must be where the whole neutral Canadian rumor comes from.

Tyler - you thought it was a restaurant? Thats funny. He was probably confused as to why he wasn't getting sympathy from you over the crap rations!

Hi Kristen! I can understand the freak out. Its easy to overthink it when you realize how powerful the weapon is in your hand. Accidents do happens. Scary stuff.

Luan you're right - the boys got totally smoked. Why is that so fun to brag about? Some of them did well, but not the majority! Ha!

I'm off to paint my torn and battered nails. Goodnight girls!

Gawgus things... said...

Can just imagine you whipping out your pink gun! Go you for whoppin' those guys! XXX

Lisa Cozza said...

Of course! Your character is my main character and she is totally awesome! I'll be sending you a few questions here and there over the next few weeks/months if that's okay? :) I'm at 850 words... and counting :)

Zara said...

I would rock the hello kitty gun! :-) My husband has actually be considering getting another Baby Desert Eagle in pink, so I can shoot a girly looking fun.

Oh and I agree completely on guns = nail/hand ruiners.