Yesterday I hit my first German flea market! 

There aren't any prices listed on the items, so you have to inquire about every item and try not to look excited when you see something you love.

Negotiating is big part of this process, and yes - I OFFENDED THIS RUSSIAN GUY (me and Russians lately, geez.....,).   Mr. Russian wanted 12e ($18) for this ratty olive green canvas messenger bag. I countered with 4e (a very solid offer), but this price obviously pissed him off as he GRABBED THE BAG OUT OF MY HAND, and shooed me away - all while cursing and throwing his hands up in the air.

Wow, really? He's probably thinking, "Stupid American". Ha, oh well.

OKAY.....moving on.

Here are my fab finds from yesterday (apoligies for the lame bedspread/sheet background. Limited options here......):

60's cake plate/ Lazy Susan. This will be great to catch my keys and pocket misc. by the door. Love the turquoise. 10e ($7.50)

Gold and brown snakeskin purse with leather interior. Gold tone hardware - mint condition! (8e - $12)

Mahogany snakeskin purse with gold tone hardware and shoulder chain. Mint condition!! 5e ($8). It was a snakeskin day. Aren't these gorgeous handbags?

2x2 Family Crest ink stamps - 1e ($1.50) each. You dont' find these in the states. These just became 'my' new family crest.

Germans are known for their amazing engineering skills. Who doesn't need a pair of elaborate tweezers? Squeezing together pulls back on the hair. Perfect for the timid user. 2e ($3.50)

Vintage key - the inspiration piece for Tiffany's. I'm not sure what I'll do with this yet. I think of bunch of these in a glass jar would look great in my office.

I love funky silverware. The more rustic and  unique - the better. 3e ($5). These look like something out of a castle.

READER QUESTION: Any ideas on what to do with OLD BLACK and WHITE PHOTOGRAPHS? The flea  market had boxes and boxes of them.

I was thinking about the collage of newsprint on the French Table (see my French boutique post HERE) and was wondering if that application work with the photos. ANY IDEAS??

In a separate posting this week I will show you the HAND PAINTED POSTCARDS I found from the 1930-40's. Rare and exquisite! I will post these little beauties on Wednesday (or as soon as I can figure out how to watermark them - they are that cool). I also found a cool black top hat (think: circus ring leader) and an intricate clock from the 1800's.

Happy Sunday everyone!


Claudia said...

Great post! Where did you go to the flea market? Great second purse! As for the photographs your idea with a collage is great or you could just mix them on a wall, the black ones with white frame and viceversa. Free tomorrow?

Tanya said...

Great finds, Michelle. I love Pike Place for all the vendors too and visit it weekly (we live really close) but it's not really a true Flea Market.

"These just became my new family crest" HAHAHAHA.

Oh and I have no idea what to do with black and white photos. I saw some junk store in Portland selling some and I wondered what people do with those. I mean, they're just random people.

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

The markets look amazing and you found some brilliant stuff. I love the lazy susan what a beautiful pattern on it.

Pleemiller said...

cool stuff...love the lazy susan...forks..and the crests....thanks for sharing I felt like I was walking along the vendors with you. how many purses do you think you'll ship home when you leave.....that's two so far that you've told us about....

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Pleemiller! I love this kind of random stuff. Purses....you hit it right, they are a weakness for me (1 of many). Especially vintage ones. I brought 4 purses with me and now have 2 new ones. I bet by the time I'm out of here I'll be up to 30 (easy). Thank god for the postal service. The good thing is if I get tired of them I can turn them pretty quickly on ebay or etsy. Its a constant cycle. I'm just waiting for the day I repurchase a bag I already owned without realizing it.

Hello Ms. Luan (Green T and C) - so glad you like the lazy susan. It's overly retro and doesn't really fit with the 'dorm room decor' - but its mine. I can already see I'll be having a 'collecting' problem while I'm over here.

Ms. Tanya!! I know what you're saying... random people is right, what do you do with that? I did some research yesterday and you're supposed to copy them before you work with them. Apparently lacquers and glues will make the picture 'run'. Sounds like alot of work.

Claudia - glad you're in agrement, I think some sort of collage would be interesting. Or weird..... we'll see.