EUROTRASH- a photo menagerie.

I'm exhausted. However, thanks to a mish-mash of random photos, I don't have to write out a huge posting.

Yay! It's EUROTRASH Tuesday! (or whatever day it is on your end of the world)

EuroTrash, a photo menagerie - is my term for an assortment of random photos. Today's posting is part 'DEUX' - if you like it, you can find more photos HERE.

The best Tuna Nicoise (sp?) Salad ever. This was from last month before lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers were pulled due to ecoli. Seriously people, bring back the produce. Its been 3 weeks.

Beer with delicious BANANA juice added. Delish.

Kind of like Lady Gaga's Just Dance - this is JUST VACUUM.
Simple, isn't it? Just blog. Just eat. Just shut-up. It's so easy! Who knew?

NO idea what was so fascinating. I kept looking in the same direction, but I didn't see it. Maybe they were looking because I was looking. Getting confused.... 

Did you know German asparagus is white? Yes, it tastes the same and has the same funky aftermath.

Who buys this stuff? Kuh-reepy.

My favorite color has spread to men's fashions.

Lemon trees are everywhere!

FOTO BLEH? Really?! This country has the most bizarre business names. Remember the high end jewelry store called CHRIST SCHMUCK? Odd!


Andi said...

Banana juice in beer - need to give that a try!

holly said...

Great pictures, beer is bad enough without the banana juice..yuck. lol

French Mademoiselle said...

Banana juice in beer? Yum!!!
You know I've visited your blog several times, but I just now read your intro above. My dad is in the US military and we've been stationed here in Holland since I was born!

Anonymous said...

I loveee this eurotrash tuesdays!!!! And I hateee bananas but I would so be open to trying banana flavored beer!

Ps: got something awesomeeee from u in mail today! Ill be posting about it around noonish tomorrow wooohooo! :) thanks so much- it seriously made my day! :) ur the best!

Anonymous said...

Love your witty comments - this is so funny. What a great idea for those days with writers block!

Anonymous said...

I promise not to make fancy white asparagus for you when you get back!

gadabout said...

I remember seeing white asparagus everywhere when I was in Germany! Thanks for the memory :)