Hi, we're Hans and Franz.
Yes - please put our photo on your blog!
Hello everyone - let me introduce to you the POSTER BOYS of SWEDEN: HANS and FRANZ. (These are made-up names - everyone gets a nickname on this blog.)  While in MUNICH, I initially saw Franz projectile BARFING outside of the Hauf Brau Haus ('Beer Hall').

They stumbled by me later when I was taking photos of a church and they were both saying "HALOOO (that is how 'hello' sounds over here), so SORRY, sorry - sorry. They couldn't walk in a straight path and were all over the sidewalk - thus their apology. How polite is that?

These guys were happy drunks and looked like family to me. Don't you think I could pass them off as my YOUNGER BROTHERS?

My compassionate skills ran deep as I turned my camera towards them and asked for a photo. Happy for the attention, Hans grabbed Franz and propped him up on the building. They left with a wave and stumbled down the cobblestone street. 

More to come about MUNICH - this city is incredible!


Anonymous said...

mwhahhahhahaha sooo funny!!!!

and vomit is like my ultimate FEAR (yes weird, i know) if i saw someone projectile vomiting, id probably cry!!!

Jello said...

bahahaha! soo awesome! now that's what i call a vacation highlight!
Megan we share the same fear!!!!!!


Miss K said...

kinda bummed hans and franz aren't their real names.

they could totally pass as your siblings!

so cute how they wanted to be on your blog and he propped the guy up for the pic! so funny!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Barfing stories are so funny - but only when they're about someone else.

Hi Megan and Jello! I had no idea about the phobias...interesting! I'll leave it at that since its not the best topic to chit chat about.

Miss K - they probably had equally cool names like Sven and Zorah, however they weren't around long enough to find out.

Lisa said...

They totally look like they could be your brothers!

Compassionate skills. So funny! ;)

Tanya said...

hahahaha hilarious!!! Loving your adventures!! (as you can see i'm finally catching up on my blog-reading, so this explains why i'm bombarding you with comments)