DOG DIAPERS- it's a don't

I stumbled upon this poor pooch during my errands today. There comes a point when you just leave your dog at home.

I love the stick laying next to him.....doesn't count as actually playing with your pet. I've been noticing a huge trend lately where people are dragging their pets EVERYWHERE (grocery stores, restaurants, malls, small businesses...etc). Diapers and staged toys don't actually count as quality time. General rant for Wednesday. 


Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Look at his little face it says it all doesnt it he looks very sad. You can rant to me anytime matey.

Angela said...

OMG poor guy! At least he has water but still- I feel sorry for him. I hate when people can't seem to think and properly take care of their animals. What was this person thinking?

Lisa said...

OMG. Ok. I have too many comments to list here, and if I get started I may never shut up. BUT. That said, I have to tell you about my recent stop at the grocery store where a lady was pushing a grocery cart with her DOG sitting inside of it. And it was a BIG dog. When did they start allowing non-service dogs inside grocery stores? And when did they start allowing them to ride in grocery carts? Clearly, this was not a service dog, unless she was training the dog to grocery shop for the elderly. But seriously. Dog ARSE where my veggies are supposed to sit? GAH!