SKINNY - with the help of a powder

No...not that kind of powder. Read on for the scoop:

Ms. Heffer & Meow Meow
After a week of pigging out in San Diego, I came home to find my pants no longer fit and I was experiencing major HEFFER DISEASE. You know what heffer disease is, right? It's when you go to sleep and all of your dietary sins combine, so when you wake up you look (and feel) like a fat cow. I realize no one wants to hear my size 2 kipper complaining about clothes not fitting - but come on, it doesn't matter what size you are, no one is exempt from the depressing HEFFER feeling. 

I am not receiving any type of compensation
for this product. This is a legit review. 

Here is a link if you're interested. 
I discovered this AMAZING pre-workout powder that has helped kick my workouts into overdrive.  It's called C4 Extreme. You can find it at any health food or fitness store- and this stuff really works. 

You mix a tiny scoop of powder with a small glass of water. About 15 minutes later your body is ACHING to work out (really - no joke!). After your massive sweat-producing workout, you feel incredible and have TONS of energy all day long - with no jitters or meth-head shakes.

Now that I have all of this new energy - the house is uber clean, my files are organized and I am ready to tackle my next big project (more on that later....).

Over the weekend Mr. C and I drug the kids out for an activity filled weekend on the lake. We did two major hikes (the 2nd one lasted 4 hours) and it was so much fund. This kids (11 & 6) had no idea what was in store for them and they were great troopers, with ONLY 2 major meltdowns and one temper tantrum during the difficult hike. 

Mr. C dealing with one of the 'episodes' mid- hike

This is the view from the top. Isn't this place gorgeous?! This
is lake Pend Oreille in Northern Idaho, and the water is so deep
they do submarine testing here. Being on a lake that isn't littered with homes, cabins and bad condo's is incredibly relaxing.

Our boat is the one on the left. It has a kitchen, 4 beds & a bathroom,
so this is where we spend the majority of our weekends. It's like having a floating lake cabin. After the hike we 
spent the rest of the day swimming (yes - in nasty lake water). Ok.....'they' went swimming. I'm not much of a water baby. 

After a week of workouts (thx to my special powder)and 2 major hikes, I am happy to say that my pants fit again. Now bring on the Mexican food! 



Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

I need some of this stuff all my clothes are to tight and my energy levels are so low. I think it might have something to do with the winter blues, I am missing summer so much.

pam lee-miller said...

so glad your back---have missed your posts......i am going to have to try this powder--I usually use whey...

xStroutx said...

I'm always a little afraid of taking these kinda things, only because I don't really understand whats in them... It looks like you had a pretty darn awesome and active weekend! Your boat is beautiful!