I don't normally promote a book, but this one I simply can not keep to myself. I found it last week at a yard sale and I vaguely remember it being a 'scandalous' story from back in the day.
The author is Jacqueline Susann, and she wrote this book in the mid 60's, however the story is based on 3 women trying to make it on their own in New York during the late 1940's. It's full of pill-popping, champagne,amazing clothes, jewels, night clubs, cat fights and celebrities. Its true debauchery at its best, and probably the inspiration behind Sex and The City and Bergdorf Blondes. If you like chic lit at all- find this book stat! 

There was a movie made in the 70's which has a cult-like following. I haven't watched it yet as I'm waiting to finish the book, and do not want to have the story line ruined. Has anyone seen this movie or read the book??



Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

OOooh I loved this book it's a classic! I have never seen the movie though.

Talitha said...

I haven't read this, but now I will! Thanks for the tip :)

Talitha xx

Kristen said...

i totally have that movie in my netflix's queue, def gonna get on watching it!