Every year I fall for it - I buy the giant Fall edition of Vogue and end up being disappointed. The magazine is 90% advertisements and the remaining 10% of the magazine is so 'out there' that I'm left uninspired and out my precious $6.

However..... even though the fashion portion was underwhelming, there was ONE juicy tidbit of inspiration. Ms. Carey Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio are remaking THE GREAT GATSBY! I instantly googled the movie name and there were tons of amazing photos of beautiful dresses and incredible hair. So inspiring......

So what are my favorite fashion magazines? Hands down-no competition, it is HARPERS BAZAAR. I'm confused over the pink cover for September, but the inside is chucked full of inspirational and right-on fashion highlights. (ok, well technically I haven't read it yet - but I'm SURE it will be fabulous)

So what's even better than the USA version of Harpers Bazaar? The LONDON edition!!!  If you have an Ipad, you can purchase it through ZINIO for $7. Or...head to Barnes and Noble and pick up the real thing with glossy pages. Don't you just love that rich plum shade on Keira? Now this is a Fall edition.

Happy Reading!!!!



Kristen said...

the fall magazines are the best!

Lisa said...

I used to buy Vogue magazine, and at one time I think I even subscribed to it, but like you said, it's kind of a disappointment, so no more. I'll keep my $6 thank you! Harpers must be having as hard a time as the rest of us leaving summer behind with its pink cover and all. I'll have to check out the London edition. The Great Gatsby remake should be fabulous! =)