Your Mother's Lipstick - an experience with VINTAGE makeup.

This could be your mother's lipstick....or, it could quite possibly be you're grandmothers. Check out my latest discovery...

During my yard sale extravaganza on Friday, I found a cool bag FULL of lipstick from the 1960's & 70's. For a mere $2, the entire bag of goodies was mine.  You know how makeup 'experts' and magazines tell us to CHUCK our old make-up? That lipsticks should last no longer than 2 years before the color turns or it becomes a bacteria fest?  Yeah right.....I just discovered a huge beauty secret and I'll share it with you. 

When I got home I experimented with the colors and I learned that the older the lipstick is (as in 30+ years..._), the more pungent the color is. 'Pungent' as in it will stain your fingers and stay on for HOURS. The color has to be applied with a lipstick brush - but the colors are true and actually stain your lips.Who knew??

This bag opens up, accordion style. Has anyone ever seen this before or know what it is called? I haven't seen anything like this and cannot find anything  similar on eBay/Etsy. 

If you wear bright colors, buy some vintage tubes from eBay and experiment for yourself. Stick with the gold metal tubes - they are very sturdy and also look pretty in your purse. I coincidentally ordered the NARS Jungle Red from Sephora for my Fall makeup last week. As soon as it arrives, it is getting returned as I can not justify spending $25 for a tube of lipstick when I have all of these perfect tubes already at home. 



Helga! said...

Love the bag you found them in;my Mama had a bag with that kind of stretchy thingy! 60's,I reckon!
I don't listen to any rules,dammit!Boring!I'm gagging to find some old lippy,Vix found a pile recently too....must be my turn!

pastcaring said...

Welcome back Michelle!
I was going to say that Vix found some vintage lipsticks recently too but Helga has beaten me to it! She just cut the ends off and seems to have survived without contracting any dread lurgy. Interesting about the depth of pigment. Perhaps manufacturers make lipsticks and pigments softer/weaker so we get through them quicker and buy more? Seems to be the case with most things... Built-in obsolescence, drives me crazy that stuff doesn't last like it used to. And now I sound like my mother! xxxx

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

I am terrible for not chucking my makeup out when I should. The only thing I am good about is my mascara.

RichLittlePoorGirl said...

THIS IS AWESOME!!!did you try these?? how did you clean them?

ive always LOOVED playing with make up-- im jealous of your cool find. haha

i'll def be back -- i'd love it if we could follow each other;)


xStroutx said...

haha, I always relate the word pungent to smells, so I'm glad you clarified that! What a cool find - I love the little bag they came in too.

Lisa said...

Love it! That bag is fabulous! I've never seen one quite like it either. How fun!

Kristen said...

that bag is so neat and it looks like you got some great colors