After Hours Cocktail Dress - the final outfit for Palm Springs

Ok - so this is it. The final dress for the 3-outfit Palm Springs (Frank Sinatra themed) event. Yes......I know it's 60's and not 50's, but it's EARLY 60's and seemed perfect for an after hours event. These are the 'before' photos as it is currently being altered for a better fit.

So...just to recap, I am wearing authentic VINTAGE clothing for all 3 events. Yes....I could have purchased brand new pieces, but it was more enjoyable to recycle existing pieces into something unique. To keep the look modern, 2 of the 3 dresses are being altered, and a mix of new and re-purposed accessories will keep the outfits interesting. 
Brande sent me an amazing hat to wear with it - similar to this one.

The neck, front and cuffs have an embroidered ribbon in silver. The dress was $13 at the Vintage Warehouse in Freemont (Seattle) Washington. However....the alterations are going to be EXPENSIVE with the amount of alterations required, so I will probably end up spending around $100.  Still a deal considering what you would pay for 'new'.  

Extra short and sassy!
I'll def wear black boy shorts underneath to keep from showing my bum on the dance floor. Actually I wanted to wear SILVER HOT PANTS, but Vintage Stylist/Consultant Brande (Victory Vintage) talked me gently off of the ledge . Thanks Brande. PS - I love your new vlog on accessories!

CHERRY RED lipstick, pear/diamond earrings and a silver clutch complete the look. UPDATE on the RED DRESS: You spoke, and I listened. I'm sticking with the red dress, but am switching the shoes to a nude-platform-peep-toe pump, and lighter toned belt. (Pending Brande approval - of course).

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Sarah Pearson said...

What a stunning dress Michelle. You look amazing.

Christianna said...

I love this dress sooooo much! All three of your outfits are divine! Way to go on the outfit choices!

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

I am in love this is my favourite outfit. I love it!!!!!!

victoryvintageb said...

I'm loving it! Hee hee... that mini dress is sooo amazing! So glad your going to wear the hat, can't wait to see photos of the party and the looks complete!

Claudia Moser said...

Great dress Michelle!

Anonymous said...

Sooooooo cute! I'm super jealous of your whole outfit, but especially that hat. Loves it! :)

Helga! said...

Wa-hey,I love this frock!!! Oooo,you are going to look a delicious treat!!!
I rather like the idea of your bum hanging out....but that's me!!!