Welcome to my YARD SALE - it's a pretty good time

Hello Kittens!

I have a bit of a dilemma ( a good dilemma, but still a dilemma nonetheless)........I  have TOO MUCH STUFF. Between eBay inventory (from my previous store - before I lived in Germany), existing wardrobe, and an entirely NEW wardrobe from Europe....unpacking has been next to impossible. 


To make room for the new and to simplify  my existing dressing room, I am starting up stores on Etsy and eBay again . In addition, I'm creating a store on my blog where you will have first dibs at the merchandise -at prices lower than what will be listed online. 

Welcome to Hot Pink Combat Boot's YARD SALE. I will post items for sale here before they are sold via eBay or Etsy. There will be a variety of items in ranging sizes - to include accessories, household, shoes, clothing and men's garments.

All currencies are accepted via Pay Pal, and I ship WORLDWIDE (usually same day service). Happy shopping!



Angela said...

What a great idea!! I look forward to seeing your yard sale items :) My dilemma these days is not enough stuff- well sort of. I had to do a major downsize when we moved to Malta almost 2 years ago. So now I have to build up some of my wardrobe again- mainly 'winter' clothes. Ebay has been helping me with that a lot this year.

Natalie Leung said...

seems so awesome! you have some great pieces :D


Miss K said...

checking it out....

DietCokeStraightUp said...

Great stuff on there!!