Blonde Ebay - a weird combo.

OK, technically Blonde Hair AND eBay. Read on for more:

The eBay store is up and running. You can check it out HERE. I decided to use the same name as my blog to keep things consistent (plus I can recycle my printed blog materials in customers packages). I only have a few items currently listed, but will add more as time allows.

As always, you can can find bargains at the yard sale before they hit eBay. You will not believe the cool pieces I found yesterday op-shopping - AND in my size (no alterations required). Fresh fashion posts coming up soon.

I'm trusting a new person with my HAIR tomorrow (EEK!!!). The last 'home hair' incident was too strong and the bleach burned my head. was really expensive. I'll be a guinea pig again as I trek into Idaho and lay a TON of trust into a new persons hands. Wish me luck!



Sarah Elisabeth said...

Good luck blondie ;)

Carissa said...

I get so nervous trying someone new to do my hair! As my many hair diy mistakes will show! Hope it went well!

Sarah Pearson said...

Finding a new hairdresser is as difficult as finding a new dentist. Good luck :-)

Melissa said...

I wonder what another color did you use to your hair today. I guess the previous hair color has wonderful results. :D