READER FASHION ADVICE NEEDED - Recycled Fashion, a new segment

How exciting! We have our first victim volunteer for the Recycled Fashion segment. Meet the gorgeous Ms. Renie! She has willingly submitted photos of her thrift store finds and is seeking fashion advice from me and fellow bloggers.

If you've been following my blog for awhile - you probably already know what my fashion advice is going to be: Tights, sockens, scarves - layers, layers, and more layers! However.....that is MY style, and part of the journey with RECYCLED FASHION is to find your OWN style. So how do you find your own style? Sometimes that occurs naturally or through the inspiration of others, but often times it develops from simply loving what you've randomly thrown together - and sticking with it. It's whatever you feel beautiful in!

So Let's get started. Meet reader Ms. Renie!

MS RENIE: "I was recently introduced to Hot Pink Combat Boots about a week ago and was inspired by Michelle’s talent for not only putting together recycled clothing, but to pick appropriate outfits for the occasion (Frank Sinatra party).  I had not been to a thrift shop in years and after seeing her blog I went out the next day and bought $60 worth of items (yes, I got a little carried away).  I feel unsure at times about putting items together and especially jewelry.  I would like some FEEDBACK about this outfit. 

1.  Is the coat too casual for the dress? 

2.  Is the necklace a little too much for the outfit?  Maybe something more simple? 

COST: Jacket $3, Dress $4, Earrings $3, Necklace $4, Shoes (brand new) $4 . 

OK Ladies (and gentlemen...I know there a few male readers out there) - what do you think? It takes a lot of COURAGE to put your photos online and ask for feedback - so please be considerate in your responses. Imagine Ms. Renie is your sister - what would you tell her?

1. Offer candid advice. The general comments of 'you look great' aren't very productive in this type of feature. Please share you stylish input and tips. How would you wear this dress, would you accessorize it differently?

2. If you don't like something - say it, but offer a suggestion of improvement to counteract the negative.

Thank you for your submission Ms. Renie - and I would love it if you sent us an 'AFTER' photo featuring some of the readers suggestions.

Readers - do you want to be part of RECYCLED FASHION??? Please send me your photo/questions as well as the price of your items to  Remember - this is ALL ABOUT RECYCLED clothing -so you can either showcase your awesome outfit, or you can ask for reader styling advice. (PS - you don't have to have a blog to do this, and yes this is open to Men too! Warning: Man-pris and acid washed jeans need not apply).



Krista said...

Let me start by saying Ms. Renie looks fabulous! Great finds at killer prices!!! I think you could make the dress a bit better with a killer stretch waist belt with some bling! I am also a huge fan of hats, especially in the winter. I could see you rocking a leopard print hat with this too.
You look great!!! Nice job!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Awesome job! And maybe for a more chic look a black blazer? Looks good as is though :)

Christianna said...

Love it! The colors look great together! Personally, I always mix fancier and more casual pieces together! It gives it that "I care how I look" vibe at the same times as saying "what, I just thew this on"...

I would suggest that maybe you could take the hem up on the dress? It might add a little more of a pop to the outfit, not too much though, like right above the knee. Just a thought!

I love it though, and you the prices are great! Thanks for having the guts to ask us what we think!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I love your finds - and such bargains!! These are great basic pieces and can be woven in with other closet items to give you a ton of outfit options. For not thrift shopping in several years - you did a great job picking out wardrobe basics.

I think I recognize that velvet jacket - is it old navy?

I love the jacket, the shoes, and the dress - but not necessarily together in this particular order. The dress is a lighter weight material against the tweed shoes and velvet coat - so I suggest bringing in other accessories to balance it out.

For the cold weather, I would wear tights with the dress and knee high brown heeled boots. Top with a cream sweater (like this $11 bargain @ Forever 21: and add a belt over the sweater to emphasize your waist. Existing jewelry would work here too!

I would pair the velvet jacket with a white shirt (dress or long sleeve T) - darker rinse jeans. Add your existing jewelry and tweed shoes. Very stylish. You could always throw on a cream neck wrap scarf for warmth and glamour.

SIDE NOTE: this jacket looks amazing when paired with cream or white. Try white jeans and white shirt with any shade of brown boots. Black would work too - but like Krista suggested, add a leopard accessory to tie it together (belt, handbag - etc). I tend to not pair camel with brown since it reminds me of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. However...your coloring is different than mine- so you could pull it off if you brought in a '3rd' color. White, cream, possibly even brick red.

For spring - I would def hem the dress to an inch above the knee and pair with a cardigan and strappy shoes -or a denim jacket and wedges.

Always wear tights or brown sockens with the winter tweed shoes to keep it balanced (and to keep your feet warm in this cold miserable weather).

Those shoes would also look great with cream patterned tights and a cut a-line skirt - or jeans/pants rolled up.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

LEANN - great suggestion. Black and brown look very regal together. So European.....

CHRISTIANNA- so right on with the hem suggestion. We learned that with the Red Dress for Palm Springs. It's amazing how much more flattering a dress/skirt is when it hits above the knee.

KRISTA - leopard and bling. You're right, you could really dress this up with accessories.

Talitha said...

Awesome find!

Maybe paired with a little cream cardigan. I think the necklace and earrings work if you are going out. In which case I would wear it with a cream blazer instead.

If you want to make it more flirty, raise the hemline :)

Talitha xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle and Renie!

First of all, what great scores!

I do feel like the jacket is a bit casual for the dress. I LOVE the necklace(s) with the dress. I'm thinking that maybe you could add a belt (maybe gold?) I like the shoes, but maybe a strappy sandal in gold would lengthen the legs a little. I do realize that it's winter, but sometimes we have to be a little uncomfortable for fashion. A (faux) fur stole/wrap would be super cute with this outfit for a holiday party.

Bibi said...

This is awesome - to find so much stuff at a thrift store is great! You did good, Girl!

Now to your outfit - I will add to the other comments about the jacket. It's a pretty jacket, but it does look a little heavy for the dress. I'm a scarf girl and would suggest a nice black or vanilla pashmina scarf that you can throw over the shoulders.

I also agree with the sandals or the boots suggested by others, it would look really stylish. :)

I love love love the shoes you got - I would wear them with dress pants to work or something similar.

The Jewelry is a definite keeper for the outfit, it works great with the dress (I adore the red pendant!)

May I make a suggestions about the hair? The dress leaves your beautiful shoulders bare - I imagine if wearing your hair up with a few strands hanging down, would accentuate your bare skin a little more. My dance teacher in high school once said that bare shoulders are the most sexy part of a woman... and I agree with her. But try and see if you like it, if you feel that it's not really you - your hair is still beautiful worn the way you did in the picture. You have beautifully long hair :-)

Renie, you are beautiful!

Michelle, your Recycled Fashion idea is awesome!

♥ Happy Holidays!

Lovely Light said...

Bravery at it's finest! The coat- I think the sleeves are a little too long (tailoring would be easy)- I might try a cardigan in something other than the brown family. The necklace might be better it it fell above the dress's neckline. I do like the dress and like the height of the shoes!
Good luck!

Unknown said...

I love all the feedback and can't wait to try out some of the suggestions when I get back from vacation in a week. I will send Michelle some of the picks to post of the changes. Some items I already have others I will need to get.

The Fashionable Traveler said...

What a fun segment.

Renie-you have a great eye, all the pieces you have chosen are fabulous. Along the lines of what Michelle says; I wouldn't be sold on wearing all the pieces together.

The Dress:
You have such a beautiful natural look, the first thought that comes to my mind is to put your hair in a messy up-do, wear a little lip gloss or mascara and throw on a cozy, fuzzy longer cardigan or sweater with the dress. I would wear a ballet flat (I'm envisioning the classic Chanel bone with black cap toe...don't worry---you can find that same look at a shoe at every price point. ) Or if its chilly wear opaque tights with a lug sole tall boot. Love the jewelry I would just go for more, try mixing more chains or even pearls. Keep the earrings small. You could even have an "arm party" with lots of fun bangles.

The Blazer :
I love Michelle's suggestion of wearing the blazer with white jeans. I often find great blazer styling inspiration from J. Crew---always full of surprising ideas for blazers.
The obvious look for me; wear jeggings with riding boots a v-neck sweater & the blazer. Keep your jewelry sentimental and small.

The shoes:
The make the shoes the focal point of the outfit wear them with skinny ankle length jeans, add a pop of color on top like a bright persimmon or jade green.

Happy Holidays.


Gawgus things... said...

This is a really great outfit! I love putting casual and dressy things together, it can put a whole different slant on an outfit. As these are items are such great, neutral colours, I think I'd also add some vibrant pops of colour with them too :)

Merry Christmas!

Emma xxx

Kelli Nørgaard said...

LOVE the necklace with the dress...but I think the jacket is too "heavy" for the dress... the fabrics are too contrasting. I would suggest a light sweater/Cardigan of the same color (as the jacket)...

But LOVe the dress!

Miss K said...

that dress is a great find and so pretty on you! i love the necklaces and the shoes with it, but the jacket is too casual and not a great silhouette for the dress. I think a simple cardigan would be a better fit or a longer leaner jacket. another great way to wear it would be with some red shoes and maybe a simple red headband or lips to match (but not all three together)

Vix said...

Ms Renie is a babe and whatever she wears will look fabulous. I love the casual jacket over the formal dress and would like to see some clashing opaque tights and kick-ass ankle boots to rock the ensemble up a little more. She should definitely pile on the bling, more is always more in my book! x

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Thank you so much to everyone that has left these inspiring and helpful comments. I know I gained a few tips and I'm sure Ms. Renie did too.

Who doesn't get in an outfit rut once in awhile? If you have the courage to throw your photo on line, why not open the floor for advice. Plus...everyone loves to give advice :)

Send me your pics - it's fun and inspiring.