Silver Cats and German Friends

I  have a huge soft spot for elderly women Silver Cats. Especially when they continue to be stylish and fashionable - regardless of age and general stereotypes.  Do you know any one older than 60 that is still going over the top with their clothes and personal style?

I recently discovered the most amazing blog called Advanced Style. This incredible blogger takes street style photos of STYLISH WOMEN 70+ (seriously though....I'm thinking some of these lovely ladies are 80++) I loved this photo of singer Rita Hammer with her over sized black glasses and fur stole. I could see this being me in 30 years. Have you ever pictured yourself in your silver years and do you have a rough idea of what your style is going to be like? 

Courtesy of ADVANCE STYLE blog

Courtesy of ADVANCE STYLE blog

I've been missing my German lifestyle, so as a remedy I have joined the local German American Society club. What? ask? Yes - I know 'SOCIAL CLUBS' are very passe and a dying breed (literally....), but I love the company and friendship of the members. Most of the members are first generation refugees from World War 2. Sponsored by the Catholic Church, they found their way to Washington to start a new life for themselves. Their stories are incredible - not to mention the ladies are busting out a mean Apfel Struedel and a giant German beer every time I visit. Buh-liss.  

So how do I fit in with this club? Well....I am the YOUNGEST member by far, but I have my own German heritage and I adore the BLUNTNESS of their culture. This isn't a passing interest either....... I actually joined the choir and will become part of their traveling music group to attend INTERNATIONAL CONCERTS and FESTIVALS. Yes people, you figured it out: I have found a way to still enjoy the German lifestyle (and the fun benefits!) all while living in my own hometown. Finally, a place to wear my Austrian feather hat and German Lederhosen shorts too.

German American Society - they don outfits for special events and concerts.
So you're probably wondering if I can sing, right? Well, no...not really, but I can read music and can blend my voice in with theirs. I won't be busting out any solos or spectacular star-studded performances. The kicker here is I will be singing in German so I get to learn the language as I go. Pretty cool, right?

TO TIE THIS STORY INTO THE BEGINNING OF THIS POST..........I have to tell you about my new friend Helen at the German Society. Ms. Helen is 82 and wears BLACK LEATHER PANTS to choir practice. Incredible, right? I'll work on getting some photos so you can see what I'm talking about.

FUNNY OBSERVATION: I've been noticing the other ladies bringing their A-GAMES to the German events now that I've been attending: jewels, hats, furs, red lipstick. Maybe it's a coincidence, but I think I've inspired them to bust out their 'finer pieces'!


Have you joined a social club or been part of a choir? What do you think of growing old gracefully yet stylishly?


Claudia Moser said...

What a great idea Michelle, maybe I'll get inspired and join a club as well!

Sarah Pearson said...

I intend to grow old as disgracefully as possible :-)

Selina. said...

ahh that sounds so fun i would love to join a club but i cant sing so that is out and the only other club i know of is the international womens group but most of the active member seem to have kids in my class so yeah that one is out :/

really loving the spotlight on the silver cats my boyfriends aunt is totally a silver cat and for a long time i may have called her aunt with epic hair (but only in secret) maybe i will try and snap a few pics of her next time we go over for brunch.

also i completely forgot to reply to your comment the other day as i was in London shopping my feet off but i am working on getting you a thrifted/second hand post featuring moi ;)


Victoria said...

I love advance style blog. I am always contemplating dying my hair, but sometimes I just love the grey mixed in with the light brown. I love so many styles, but comfort is usually the look I go for.

I worn a German costume for Halloween last year, there are pictures somewhere, probably on my facebook page. Grandparents are from Germany somewhere near Bavaria.

Helga! said...

I'm trilled you've joined a German society thingy!!! You'll have a balst!I'm all for going all in to an interest,and if you have the heritage as well,why ever not!?
I love Advanced Style,and have my personal old lady style all mapped out!It'll be very Mrs Slocombe from British 70's comedy "Are You Being Served" mixed with some Anna Piaggi! Advanced Style is great inspiration and reassurence(sp?!)that getting old does not mean automatic shell suits and pee pants!

Miss K said...

wow!! i love the women that blog features, so cool and inspiring and very fun!!

that's great you joined the social club, what a fun and different thing to be a part of. and duh, of COURSE you would inspire the women to step up their game- that's a given.

Talitha said...

Love the round glasses on the lovely 'Silver Cat' hehe, she looks fab! It's all about ageing gracefully and not trying to dress younger than you are!

Sorry, I don't sing as I sound like a cat being strangled. I will spare your ears haha.

Talitha xx

Anonymous said...

You go girl. I can't believe your news how is it I didn't know this already? Sounds like fun to me, and the ladies will be mothering you all along as well. Enjoy!

Vix said...

It's great that you've joined a German society! Some of my friends think I'm a bit odd for being in a swimming group when the majority are pensioners but older people rock and when they share a common interest what does it matter anyway?
Please get a photo of Miss Helen in her black pants!!!
I love Advanced Style, I'm almost wishing to be over 60 just so I get myself on that website! x

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I have been out-of-the-loop on advance style. You girls are way ahead of the scene!

Who is my anonymous poster? Obvi someone who knows me well.........

Clubs are a brilliant idea. It's a great way to surround yourself with like minded people. Plus when you're the youngest person, you feel like a superstar.


pastcaring said...

Advance Style sure makes you realise there's no age limit on being fabulous! There are plenty of youngsters who need to take a leaf out of these ladies' style book.
It's great to join any group that shares your interests, you meet a different set of people, and there will always be someone interesting to talk to. Leather trousers in one's 80s sounds wonderful to me!
Yay to singing in lederhosen!
Love Curtise x

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi! found your blog via Curtise at pastcaring - you are my kind of lady - great style and thrift shopper looking for treasures, so am i- it is getting to be an addiction since i am on sick leave, my closet is about to explode but it is so much fun -

I adore Advanced Style, i think i will be like those ladies when i am 70 -

I am a new follower - Ariane

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I just wrote this in a note to Vix and thought I would share it with the rest of you:

"Choir practice is next week, so hopefully Ms. Helen (my 80 year old friend) wears her leather pants again. Maybe I'll give her a call and give her a heads up so she can plan her outfit accordingly. Hmmm.....this might be a good idea for the others as well. They do seem to be a bit competitive - and who doesn't want to be featured on a blog?

Stacey said...

I really admire their sense of fashion styles. They're look so pretty on their dresses. I really love it.I really wonder what will I be look like when I gets older. :D

Alison said...

My mom will surely gonna love this site. Those women at that age is really fashionable. They really look gorgeous.