Thrifting Outfit and New

Wonder what I've been up to lately? It's been a whirlwind. Check out my latest obsessions purchases!

Ebay is going in full swing. Thanks to my new photo kit and garment steamer - listing multiple ads has been a breeze. The photo kit was only $135, and it includes 3 backgrounds, lights and the racks. Low quality stuff - but it is perfect for what I'm using it for.

Do you have a GARMENT STEAMER? I got the one above (mixed in with the photography stuff) from Mr. C for Christmas. This handy device makes your clothes look brand new in about 30 seconds, and it gets rid of the vintage funk from clothing. Why didn't I get one of these sooner? I'm thinking this is a must-have for any woman that loves clothes or is handling resale garments. My only wish on this item is that the steaming cord and the electrical cord was longer.

I wore this on Wednesday when I decided to brave the mall to return a few gifts. It's hard to tell, but I have matching orange tights on with my orange mini skirt and a layer of sockens peeking out of my brown leather boots. It's been an orange themed week.

Yesterday I spent the day with my amazing neice who was visiting from Utah. I took her to a few of my favorite thrift stores and we had a blast. 

When must sport vintage looks.  Yesterday's outfit was "East European meets the 1960's". Vintage scarf (op shopped $1.99), 60's Mod Shirt (Carousel Vintage $24.99), 70's Tassle necklace (gift). I know the gloves are a bit odd, but I have to wear them when thrifting or else I get germ/bacteria overload.

I found these yesterday too and had to have them. They are solid wood and were only $3 a piece. My plan is to sand them down, stain them to match my dark wood pieces in the house.  I have old hardware from the Germany Flea Markets, so I'll attach them and reattach the doors as a wall panel (or something else more creative). We'll see what really ends up happening. More projects to work on....

Happy New Years Eve Eve......



Anonymous said...

How fun! I love all your outfits!

I just recently bought a garment steamer and I love it! I had two jackets from H&M that I needed to iron, but couldn't figure how I could do it w/o making more creases. Voila! A steamer!

So cute that you took your niece thrifting! I stifled a giggle when you said you had to wear gloves.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Kelli Nørgaard said...

SO smart!! The purchases AND the outfit!!!

Claudia Moser said...

Happy new year and may 2013 bring you many smiles!

pastcaring said...

Hmmm, a steamer is a VERY good idea - why haven't I thought of that? And some way of making my photos look better wouldn't hurt either!
Both outfits look great, you do suit orange.
Best wishes for the new year,
Love Curtise x

Krista said...

You look amazing! Steamer never even tried one. Can't wait to see what the New Year brings! Have a great one!

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Michelle,
yup got a steammer, Mr D got one at a bazaar for $5 - Wonderful, hate, hate ironing- Ironing was for the 50's 60's - steamers are for our era, hourra! one less thing to do, i have enough problem with my walk in and all those clothes;)

Love the way you dress! you a kick ass sense of style and your remix is excellent!

About swaping...why not- these days i am a size 5 or me what you have lady!

Ariane x

Happy New Year!

Claire said...

that photo kit looks great! Hubs bought me a mini portable photo studio so i can take pics of things for etsy/ebay indoors. tried it today and one of the blinking bulbs in one light dosent work. bummer.

Lisa said...

How fun! I purchased a fabric steamer awhile back (looks like we own the same one) and couldn't live without it. I don't know how I did for so long.