DANISH FURNITURE - a thrifters dream or aka "How to profit $900 in 10 minutes or less"

I needed a pic -so this is being recycled
 from my beloved Belgium trip.
This week is nuts. Seriously.....nuts. I'm back in Seattle returning to work after a 9 month absence (I've been in Germany - remember?), and getting my mind around all of the changes is boggling. With a promotion also comes new responsibilities and higher expectations. Insert sarcasm here Yaaaaaay............

The GOOD NEWS is it's not raining here, and today I was able to shop at the ULTIMATE THRIFT STORE ever. Which one you ask? The private one on base - that only those with a military ID have access to. Here..... soldiers and their families donate treasures that they can't bear to move one more time. The pickings are good, and the prices practically free. Big sis Susan joined in on the fun, and she was SOOO EXCITED to go - that she arrived at the gate 30 minutes and happily waited for me to arrive.

However - before I can tell you about today's incredible find, I have to step back for a moment and explain the history of my Danish furniture interest.

Two years ago, Mr. C and I bought 3 Danish wood chairs at the thrift store for $2 a piece. I had no idea what the true value was at the time, I  just knew they were high quality and I liked the clean lines and shaping of the wood. After a little research - we discovered these chairs are worth $700 a piece!! This value was confirmed in Palm Springs when we saw duplicate chairs for $1200 each! Incredible.

My $2 chair (we have 3 of these!)

Today's loot was surprising. Instead of buying bags and bags of crap, I found a cone shaped DANISH floor lamp in the clearance section. How much you ask? $10 people! Yes -a mere $10. Sure....the shade is water stained and torn in one spot, but it matched the chairs and I had to have it. 
See the wood shaping up the side? Signature Danish woodwork.
GUESS WHAT? My $10 lamp purchase is worth $900 effing dollars! Even with the crap shade as is. Can you believe it? Fellow thrifters - keep your eye out for these Danish pieces. They are very valuable and in high demand. But....there is an ISSUE. The car is now FULL and I'm stuck hauling this GIANT AWKWARD lamp around in my backseat for the next 4 days. Between my bags, boxes, uniforms, giant lamp and luggage - I feel and look like a hoarder.

I didn't buy this davenport and love seat, but Susan and I day-dreamed about purchasing it and redecorating an entire room to accommodate it. Luxurious garnet red and gold velvet - so glamorous.  You're probably thinking barf, but we were thinking 'Hollywood' (it looks more regal in real life. Photos do not do this set justice). In mint condition and a total bargain at $65 for the set.

That was today's adventure. Not bad, right?



Miss K said...

ohmygoodness. what a deal!!

pastcaring said...

No wonder you're pleased! The lamp is great and a bargain. Love your chairs too.
Hope you mind isn't too boggled with all that you have to think about with your new job. xxxx
PS. Looking forward to seeing that vintage pink maxi you bought - it's good to try something new! xxxx

Krista said...

How cool I had no idea there were thrift shops on base. Score that lamp is gorgeous! I wanna come to Seattle and go thrift shopping with you!!!!!

Victoria said...

Amazing! I can see the glamor in the sofa set.

Talitha said...

Holy Shamoly! It might be worth me travelling to the US just to get these bargains :)

You did well!

Talitha xx

Anonymous said...

OMGeee what great finds! I love those velvet couches. Hubby's grandparents had a gold one and I always thought it was just gorgeous! :)

Bohemian said...

Loving the Boheme' cut velvet furniture... go back and get it! *LOL* Seriously... that type of fabric is expensive if you were to even be able to locate some... I know because I Create Bohemian Carpet Bags and am always on the lookout for such fabrics at a reasonable price... virtually impossible! *Le Sigh*

High Five on the Lamp score that will net you a small fortune... good eye!

Dawn... The Bohemian

Style Sud-Est said...

I love scndinavian furniture, i bought some while in Germany in the 80s

Kelli Nørgaard said...

I love that you can afford Danish furniture in the US and I CANNOT, living in Denmark! :-)
But I do love it...from afar!