Men's Style - a huge improvment

I can't help but notice the improvement of men's clothes in the stores lately. Mostly because it's trending towards my beloved 60's - so the pants are more fitted, the shirts are fitted - overall the CLOTHES are finally designed to show off a man's physique. 

It's only fair that men have to be as self conscious about they appearance as us women do. We squeeze ourselves into skinny jeans, fitted tops and curve skimming dresses  - and men throw on a hoody and ratty jeans. Seems unfair, doesn't it?

Mr. C received a new wardrobe for Christmas to include brown shoes and accessories and dark finish jeans. He loves the help, but I started to wonder how involved my blogger friends were with their significant other's clothing. DO you make suggestions or buy clothes for your S.O. in the hopes that they dress better or different?

The offender - Carhartt. These are work clothes and not appropriate 'going-out' outfits.
Yesterday while I was shopping (well...technically 'returning'), the sales clerk said a woman had just purchased a ton of men's clothes. When the salesperson commented 'Wow -  he's a lucky guy", the customer said " Well, actually these clothes are for me. He wears 'Carhartts' and hoodies every day , so buying him new clothes it really is for my benefit". Funny but true, right? Men can learn style - but sometimes it just takes the input from a woman (friend, S.O - whatever) before they can handle doing it on their own.

So what do you think about the new trends for men? Do you like the plaid shirt/sweater layered look? How about the rolled up pant leg with ankle boots? And finally - do you dress your S.O? If not - how did he develop his own style?



Christianna said...

I love this look on guys! It's so European! Nothing wrong with that!

Miss K said...

i love a man who dresses well :D

Victoria said...

I love seeing well dressed men also, it will turn my head. My guy dresses casual, the jeans, t shirts and casual shirt. But the day he worn a nice shirt and tie at my daughter's wedding, oh my, he looked hot! But he is a good looking guy.

Anastasios said...

Hi Michelle! Happy new year girl.
Sorry I kept away, you may read about it in my blog.

Great post about mens fashion. You know how much I agree :) I see of course millions of feminine creations that not every man would wear but I like fitted clothing like the looks you display.
Only thing, in shoes, I don't do brown :)
Many kisses and hugs!

Krista said...

I wish my man cared more about clothes and his appearance but he is really just a t-shirt and jeans kinda guy and I'm ok with that. It really leaves more room and $$$ for me to be the Diva!

Talitha said...

Totally agree that us girls need to sometimes "help" with our partners style....which in turn makes us happy haha.

I have a giveaway on my blog that you should check out -

Talitha xx

Miss Caitlin S. said...

haha totally true- it is for our benefit! I don't really tell my boyfriend how to dress, but when we (rarely) shop together- I do give lots of input. And I insist he changes out of the white socks he's paired with his brown shoes...

love the looks you have here.

Lisa said...

Oh I so wish I could get my Mr. C to dress this nice. He practically lives in his Carhartt and other work clothes. It's a rare sight to see him in anything other than that. He needs an intervention, no doubt about it! :)

Thanks for the inspiration. Maybe I'll print out a couple of outfits and see how he feels about it. One never knows. Maybe he'll like one-or all of them!

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi, i have missed a few posts!
About new men's trends, they are great, il love them!
I just wish some men would wear them, but they don't!
In my neck of the woods the really trendy guys are gay
The men's uniform here is jeans and Ts
It seems also that they never wear fitted jeans, the butt idisapears, they wear oversize jeans around here.
Another thing older men wear the wrong color jeans, you know the horrible faded blue!
I am fortunate Mr. D wears trendy jeans, nice shirts and even got Steve Madden's boots in NY.