Slow Poke & Cowboy Boots

I'm sporting my newly inspired 'Western Romantic' look today. Well...sort of,. It's actually a mix of Germany, Rome and Oklahoma. Truly a hodgepodge style- but perfect for creating a new look with pieces already in your closet. 
  • Tunic dress - street vendor in Rome, 9e
  • Llama hair wool sweater (with brown patches on elbow) - Munich , Germany. 20e
  • Tights - H&M, 8e
  • Sockens - Ross, $8
  • Cowboy boots - op shopped this week! (Thus my new inspiration for Western wear). $25
This is my first time ever owning a pair of cowboy boots excluding the white tassle ones from the 80's. I'm noticing that I walk different in them, and they are really comfortable which is odd considering there isn't any padding in the soles. No....I won't be adding any country music to my play list anytime soon - but I have to admit cowboy boots are pretty fun to wear.

Today I am a self-proclaimed SLOW POKE. As an extreme effort to get back in shape from the fattening holiday season, Mr. C and I went to a WARRIOR BOOT CAMP fitness class yesterday morning. Uggh - pure and utter TORTURE. It was an hour of squats, lunges, burpees, jumping - and more effing jumping. We both wanted to barf at least once during the workout.
As you can imagine, I am so sore today that I can not do any of the following: BEND OVER - SIT DOWN - GO UP/DOWN STAIRS. The torture continues on Friday - so hopefully my muscles  have calmed down by then.
Here's a close-up of my new favorite boots: Vintage Tony Lama's in mint condition - $25!! I like that the toe isn't super pointy. Yes - I know I have a sock layering problem. Just one never seems to be enough.... 
Happy Tuesday kittens! Green Thumb goddess posting tomorrow  morning - it's a sneak peak at my hidden talent for combating the winter time blues. Yes - you can steal my ideas, they are that cool (and easy).



Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madam Spoiled said...

LOVE it!
Some woman I work with (who acts like a HS girl) sent a letter to my hubby saying I looked like I was goin' to a CountryWestern bar the other day when I wore a skirt, tights, cashmere sweater and my PiNk cowboy boots. Nice folks I work with...I figure it is one of the fat women who can't wear skirts! hahahaha Lordy, I hate working with petty crazy females!

Love and Hugs,
Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madam Spoiled

Christianna said...

I'm a huge fan of this outfit! Those boots are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Verrrrrry cute! I love the "Germany, Rome, Oklahoma"! Ha ha - too funny esp. b/c my Hubby is from OK!

Lovely Light said...

The boots are gorgeous! I haven't owned any since I was eight and my father bought me matching baby blue boots and cowboy hat! I wonder what happened to them...?

Talitha said...

HOw awesome are those boots - great find lovely. I really like your entire look, western romantic perfectly :)

Talitha xx

ps. I refuse to do burpees as I am scared I'll barf during ^_^

pastcaring said...

Great boots, the whole outfit looks lovely. xx

Anonymous said...

I have been searching for some excellent cowgirl boots since last fall. I'm glad you've found yours!

Shasta Anne said...

You look FABULOUS! My heart softens for a great pair of great vintage cowboy boots. What a major score!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Thanks girls - who knew they could be so fun. I have them on again today..... my latest obsession!