This seems like a 'raven'  photo to me. (Yes - that's Ms. Demi)
Have you ever felt that your name didn't quite match who you are?

Or... did you ever want to be named something more glamorous but was stuck with a traditional name like Barbara or Gail? Not that these are bad names, but sometimes your given name doesn't match your true personality.

Tonights dinner conversation centered around this topic. Big Sister Susan commented how she didn't care for the term 'Big Sister' on my blog since it referred to both older and fatter (in which I was only referring to the older part of course) and then it moved on to how 'Susan' is a generational name for a woman in her 50's +. 

Good point. Young modern women are named Brittney, Savannah and Anastasia - and women in their 50's + are named Julia, Debbie, Sharon and Gloria. Unless you're one of the lucky ones - your name dates you before anyone has the chance to ever meet you. 

Bloggers have an opportunity to create a new persona with the click of thier mouse. They change their name to protect their privacy or maybe to embellish a blog theme (think 'Helga' - which is a fabulous name btw and I was drawn to the blog because I thought she was a giant German woman). But what about your average non-bloggers? Is it OK to come up with a stage name?  I don't see why DRAG QUEENS get to have all of the fun. Right?

Such a dramatic stage name.....

Big Sister Susan gravitated to the stage name RAVEN (suggested by BF Gary). Raven is a brilliant suggestion since she's darker complexion than I, and is always wearing black with a touch of blue. I think this new reference suits her and her eyes perked up at the idea of something new. Hmmm, I think I might be on to something.  

The blunt bangs and bold lipstick also seems very 'Raven' to me. This might be a fun look for her to gravitate towards.

So the question is..... if you could have a stage name - what would it be? If you do have a stage name - does that mean you change your persona to match it -or is the stage name simply enhancing what is already there?  If you call your stage name a NICKNAME - is that more socially acceptable?

I've always wanted to be called Kitten-Kat or some over the top name like Phedora. I don't need it now, but it might be something to look forward to when I hit 50 and Michelle is a name that dates me (and Kitten-Kat somehow will seem like an age appropriate and professional name). Ha, I'm cracking myself up now. 

Goodnight Kittens!



Claudia Moser said...

What a creative post Michelle!

Angela said...

Growing up I hated my name, Angela- so I always went by Angie and quickly corrected anyone who called me Angela.
But now that I'm older I've started going by Angela. Plus with my married surname being Tanti (tan- tea), I didn't like the whole rhyming name thing- Angie Tanti LOL.
So I now tend to go by Angela- or Ange :o)

Anonymous said...

Well, Kitten-Kat (bahahaha)...
hate to say it, but I don't really care for my given name(s) even though I was named after both of my grandmothers.

The names my mom/parents had initially picked out were "Victoria Elizabeth" (Tori) and "Whitney Olivia". So pretty.

I rarely use my real name, but even though I e-nun-ci-ate, people think I'm saying that my name is "Diane" which totally sounds like a person older than me.

I always wanted to be a "Jennifer" or a "Jessica" or something that people would actually get.

I think we should get to choose our own names somehow...

Bohemian said...

Well, I was fortunate to have a true Bohemian Mom who named me Dawn long before it was fashionable to have Hippie sounding names. So I've always liked my given name. I prefer unique names and thus all of my Children had interesting Names that weren't so common {at least not here... perhaps in some exotic land they may be common, winks} and I'm thankful our Daughters carried on the tradition with all of the Grand-Daughters... I Love all of their given Names. Of coarse, they may grow up to want common names, who knows? *winks*

Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Miss K said...

hmmmmmmmmm.....i used to hate Kristen (and i was the only one i grew up w who had that name) and wanted to be called Mack. MACK. are you serious?? now i guess i like my name, but i know 100s of Kristens now since college. my mom was going to initially name me Christian as a girl and now i kind of wish she stuck to that only because i love boy names for girls.

Krista said...

You could totally rock Kat or Smitten kitten :) I've had a few nick names, KJ, Tank, Taz, RED, Firepie...I loved them all! I don't even know what I'd nick name myself.

Kiss and Blush Makeup said...

xStroutx said...

I'm hoping Aimee won't age me for a while... The only nicknanes I've managed to collect are Titch (from my mum) and Aimeecakes from a couple of my mates. I rather like Aimeecakes.

pastcaring said...

Having the completely bizarre name of Curtise (pronounced Curtis, the "e" got added later... don't ask, strange parents!) I don't feel the need to imagine anything more unusual!
At least it will never date, because I am the only one! And I'm never confused with anyone else either. I hated it when I was young and wanted to be called something more common, but as with so many issues, getting older has made me appreciate unique quirkiness much more! xxxx

Style Sud-Est said...

I am lucky, i love my name, my mom madethe right choice
Here is the story about my name... My mom wanted to name me Anouska, that was pretty bold in the 60s!
My grndma did not like Anouska, she wanted Johanne which was one fo the trendy names in the 60s.
My mom refused!
At that time mom was reading Greek mythology, she saw Ariane, she suggested it to my grandma and she liked it
I was the only child in the school name Ariane at that time and as far as i can remember Ariane was not common.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

You have all been blessed with great name - and I couldn't help but crack up over the Angi Tanti one.

Marriage is another debacle. What if your fiance's last name is awful? Being in the military- everything is last name based, so I think I've seen them all. Last summer I saw a guy with the last name was 'Rape'. Pronounced 'Ruh-pea' (of course..) - but still, wouldn't that be horrible? You keep your maiden name for sure.

Thanks for the fun conversation kittens.