SPRING 2012 INSPIRATION. Preppy Nautical & Western Romantic

Even though we are in the middle of winter, I can't help but plan out my spring fashion theme. This years them is two-pronged - dual opposites of each other with the connection thread of good-old-Americana. I know... a bit bizarre for me considering I'm always trying to be French or German.

Curious? Here's a sneak peek:

PREPPY YACHT, Navy blue and red. Accents of white and cognac leather. Stripes!

The classic stripes of red/navy are so elegant. Dress up or down with accessories.

Guys can get in on the trend too! Remember all of the red jeans I was seeing on men last summer in Europe? We should start seeing them (cropped and rolled) in the states this Spring. OK, who am I kidding? It will be another 2 years, and probably not at all in my city.
WESTERN ROMANTIC, Vintage cowboy or motorcycle boots paired with soft floral dresses 

I know........this look has been done before - nothing groundbreaking here. BUT....when you don't cheat and wear hemmed VINTAGE dresses (above the knee) and layer sockens (German speak for 'socks') - you have a stylish outfit that you can claim your own. Wear a lacey slip underneath for added interest.

Hem 2" above the knee and use the extra material to make a tie-sash. Should cost around $8 for alterations. 

This is cute too. You could wear this loose or tie with a leather braided rope belt. Add wood bangles.
Now is a GREAT time to pick up vintage non-wrinkle polyester dresses for practically nothing (under $4 - yes, really). Keep your eyes out for these easy-to-wear pieces and you too can join me this spring with the 'Western Romantic' look. I will post photos of my latest dresses and awesome cowboy boots next week.


PS - what are you dreaming about for Spring style? Have you seen the homeless look being promoted by H&M in honor of the movie 'Girl with the Dragon Tatto?'. Dirty and torn clothes are not my style - so thanks H&M for the new line, but I'll pass.


Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Welcome back lovely. I love the preppy yacht look any thing with stripes is very me.

Heather Jean said...

I agree its a great look, and i think it will look great with your hair!

Victoria said...

I love the western romantic look, but I just don't like to wear shoes ;)

Talitha said...

I prefer the Western Romantic look to nautical, much easier and more fun :)

I haven't seen the new line but I hate hobo wear, totally not my thing, so if they had a H&M in Australia I would also pass!

I tagged you in a post m'dear - come check it out!

Talitha xx

Sarah Pearson said...

I can get the homeless look without needing to visit a store :-)

Christianna said...

Sounds like you're gonna be having fun come spring! Loving the style ideas!

Miss K said...

i love both of these looks, i haven't seen the new H&M line yet, but i'm not a big shopper there

Anonymous said...

I love both of these looks! My whole wardrobe revolved around these two "themes" last spring/summer. I'm really hoping to find tons of nautical stuff to add - especially since I think we're going to the Northeast for vacay! :)

pastcaring said...

I see you like to plan ahead! Both looks are great, looking forward to seeing how you work them! xx