LOVE IN A SUITCASE. It's not what you think.

I love vintage suitcases, and have always had great success selling them on eBay. Yesterday I was in Idaho hitting up the local thrift shops and found this unique camel colored suitcase. The color caught me off guard since vintage Samsonite's are typically blue or the cream marble finish.

Look at this interesting find I stumbled upon yesterday. Part suitcase - part massage pad - part heading pad. Interesting - no?

I plugged it in to make sure it worked - and the entire suitcase rumbled as if it was sitting on top of a jet engine. SOLD for the mere price of $4.

I tried it out last night and discovered the heating element works perfectly. As I was enjoying the faux-massage with heat  pad, thoughts of this item CATCHING ON FIRE and being BURNED ALIVE crossed my mind, but they quickly diminished when it might actually be worth it. Yes people - it was that awesome.

See the rounded part on the end with the vent? I thought this was for your neck. not put this on your neck or else you will have TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). This device is very powerful, in fact the whole room was vibrating and I joked the bed was going to fall apart as the screws were probably unwinding.

Remember in the 1970's and 1980's when vibrating beds were all of the rage? Every hotel had them and the relaxing effect could be had for a mere $0.25 and a quikc turn of a dial? What happened to that ? I know they diminished like any other fad and quickly became affiliated with SKANKY motels, but the device itself is so relaxing why would it ever go away?

I haven't researched the value of this yet (because I'm not selling this - ever), and have to wonder why the suitcase is so GIANT. Any ideas?? Maybe if I use it enough it will tone my muscles too. Wouldn't that be great?!



Miss K said...

crazy, i've never seen anything like this!

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

So cool and so very, very different.

Krista said...

I'd be scared of an electrical fire too but it is a pretty nifty find!

Anonymous said...

I bought something similar to this from a south Asian country call Sri Lanka once. I their language it’s called "tranka box" . It’s an old suit case that they use to carry around books, cloths. If was bit expensive. And I also bought a Sapphire Rings from the same country. They were very expensive.

Jenni said...

cool and interesting find....keep us posted if you find out any more :)

Talitha said...

How weird is that! Is it just a suitcase for the massage equipment?? Or to lug around with your travel gear?

Yep, do some bench presses with it haha

Talitha xx