Seattle is an interesting mix of fashion (or style -if you want to be particular). There seems to be 3 distinct categories of fashion. Let's take a peek:
LOOK #1:
The Seattle fashion I adore is the 40's and 50's redo. There are a large group of vintage lovers that authenticate the retro look so perfectly it could be considered costume-y. This style fits here and somehow manages to seem authentic.

Notice the flannel, jean-roll and beanie in the background? Typical Seattle male fashion for the late 20's-30's age range. It's lumber jack meets grunge.

LOOK #2:
Brown fleece and army green pants mirror the mood of most residents. Dressing for weather and gray skies is the norm - for both men and women. It looks like everyone is about to go hiking at any minute.

See the ratty flannel and bad cotton shorts with converse? One version of the many forms of grunge. There is a large population of very wealthy techies that look homeless - I suppose it's a cultural thing for the area since they live at their desk and prefer to wear something comfortable.

Rumor has it that there is an emerging VAMPIRE fashion inspired by the Twilight Series. I haven't seen that,but it seems likely - especially for the late night crowd.

I couldn't help but notice how many times I saw the DIRECTIONAL FINGER. This has to be a Seattle thing. The funny thing is I didn't notice it before my travels to Europe - so I'm apparently more observant now.

The finger reads 'Fun Here'. So much better than the boring directional arrow.

Happy Tuesday ( did it get to be Tuesday already?)



Christianna said...

I love that whole 40's and 50's look going on! It's lovely! And the pointer fingers are great as well!

Miss K said...

quite interesting, thanks for the post love!

pastcaring said...

Love that first look, she looks great. Not so much the rest... Fleece - ugghh, fabric of the Devil!
Loving the pointy fingers. xx

Krista said...

The first look rocks! ARe you back in the swing of being home?

Claudia Moser said...

Interesting approach to clothing!