Green Thumb Winter Goddess - DIY

January and February in Washington is such a drab and gray time. Talk about depressing! To brighten up the house I've been on a plant and moss kick. I can usually handle 1 or 2 plants without killing them, so my new style of plants is perfect. Have you ever worked with sheet moss before? It's dried, and you can buy it at any craft store (IE; Michael's, Jo-Ann's Fabrics) for about $7 a bag. 

Succulent plants topped with dried sheet moss and river rocks in a terra cotta pot. I found out the hard way that dried moss STINKS when you first get it wet. It's fun though to watch it perk up instantly and turn bright green.  
Mr. C & I celebrated our 3 year anniversary, so he surprised me with the twiggy plant/orchid in water and river rocks. Besides bamboo, I've never had a plant that survived without dirt. I'll keep you posted on how long this plant lives.  

Another plant I have I topped with more DRIED MOSS and RIVER ROCKS. Catching the theme? Rocks and moss will  make any plant look better.

Shrubbery poked into green foam and then covered the foam with banana leaves. Instant bright green - and very long lasting with water added daily. I've had this arrangement for a month now and it's still doing great. You could do the same thing with any shrubbery or greenery.

Instant Terranium! Vintage fish bowl with 2 small plants and more MOSS and RIVER ROCKS. 

Here's a closer shot. Including the bowl - this cost a mere $8 to assemble. I saw a flower store downtown selling something similar (not nearly as cool) - for $79!!!  So how much moss will you need? One bag of moss has been enough for all of the above plants. 
These plant ideas make great gifts - and can add a touch of green to any room with minimal effort (and cost!).  



Krista said...

I love these! Great ideas thanks for sharing!

Curly Girl Confessions said...

Love all the greenery! It's been so weird in Texas...didn't rain all Spring or Summer, we haven't really had a Winter and it has rained every other day! I want sunshine, flowers and patio drinks. ;)

Claudia Moser said...

Great ideas Michelle!

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

I love the moss on them it gives a great effect.

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Midhelle!

What a good idea you had!
Not very good with plants, i forget to water them
Did i tell you, i went to Washington about 10 rimes, i use to have boyfriend there
It might be grey and depresing in the winter but spring comes earlier than Montreal


Shasta Anne said...

Love this idea! They really do look bright and cheerful. I am notorious for killing house plants, but this approach is making me want to try this out ASAP!

The weather truly is miserable. Sunshine would be a God send at this point!

Talitha said...

I like the first one the best, and its something I have been wanting to do for ages on my outdoor table - thanks for the inspiration!