Ma'am? Excuse you....I'm a Ms.

No uniform? Call me MISS
When not in uniform -nothing makes me cringe more than when I'm called MA'AM. I realize it is a term of respect - but it is also an age-related term. Tonight I enjoyed a solo meal of Thai food, only to be called Ma'am during every check-in. "Ok Ma'am, how's your meal ma'am, more water ma'am? Geez..give a girl a break.

So I have to ask, what happened to Miss? It's almost as if overnight I went from Ms./Sweetie/Hun/Dear to the dreaded 'Ma'am'. Bleh - where did my youth go?

UPDATE: I'm in Tacoma for a week +++ to do extensive military training. YAY and BOO all at the same time. Once again, I"m out of town for both Valentines day AND my birthday. Figures...but the good news is I'll be celebrating the day I get back home with dear-dear friends at some MYSTERY place (excitement thanks to Mr. C!).

Now that I'm away from home for awhile, I'm forced to blog about random things. There is something about being home that makes blogging......well, kind of boring. Does anyone really want to hear about my day-to-day crap? NO? I didn't think so. Once you slip out of town you're attention refocuses to odd and random things that otherwise go unnoticed, which always makes for great blogging material.

Guess where I went as soon as I got into town? If you guessed H&M, you are soooo right. Peeking through the men's clothes I was SHOCKED to see red skinny jeans. I remember highlighting those last summer in Europe - and now they are available to the mass public in America for Spring. Kind of odd to see, since it's hard to picture American men shoving their bloated beer-bellies in skinny tight red jeans.

Red jeans for men! Bright blue too = these would look great rolled up at the ankle.

There were also nautical themed shirts to pair with them which made me feel validated as it fit right into my self-proclaimed PREPPY YACHT themed Spring.

I'm so excited to see if American men really wear this stuff. There might be hope after all.......



Victoria said...

I remember the first time someone called me Ma'am. It was a bagging boy at a supermarket and I was all of 23. Boy, did I that make me think, oh my gosh I'm getting older.

Claudia Moser said...

I also insisted to be called Miss, but now I am a Mrs :) So no chance anymore!

Krista said...

Hey little Missy :) I have clients calling me ma'am all day long funny since I think most were in the military at some point. Good luck with your training this week and so nice you have something to look forward to on your return.

Thanks you so much for the bracelet, that was super sweet of you and it totally goes with that ring.

TAke care~

pastcaring said...

Of course this doesn't happen in the UK, no one calls you anything! Maybe "love", which is applied to everyone. It always makes me laugh when kids refer to me as "that lady" (as in "what's that lady wearing?" to mums who then shush them!!!) I don't really feel like a "lady", hahaha!
Hope your training goes well, and how nice to have a mystery night out planned for your return! xxx

Anastasios said...

Well dear Michelle, you are and you look a miss for sure :)
Sometimes respect is expressed with some words which cause the opposite effect :) :) :)

PS I love fashion and all but I wouldn't wear red skinny pants :)

Jen said...

Ma'am? Ouch! In the south, we add "Miss" to a woman's first name to show respect and familiarity. I work with teens, and it's cute when they say "Miss Jen." But when strangers say ma'am I feel so old. :(

Curly Girl Confessions said...

Love H&M!

Good luck in your training. AND- I say Ma'am to people regardless of age because it's a Southern thing...perhaps I should stop? ;)

Talitha said...

Oh god, if I saw a guy in red skinny jeans I may just run them over in my car!


Talitha xx

Kelli Nørgaard said...

LOL at some point I stopped caring if they said M'am.. .I think it was after I hit that magical FORTY mark. :-)