Vintage Sips - inspiration for Valentines & Spring 2012

I collect vintage slips like these and have been wearing them in the warmer months as nightgowns. Since the weather has been so cold, I've found myself drawn to them and am wondering how I could fit them into my daytime wardrobe.

The challenge is they tend to be a bit long for our modern styles, and too much slip showing at the bottom of your dress/skirt looks odd.
They look too much like a slip to be worn as a dress, so I'm a bit stuck on how to style these without have to get them hemmed. ANY IDEAS???

More popular in past decades, the slip was functional as it kept your look modest  - but it was also an important undergarment to keep bumps smooth and your dresses cleaner. 

For this Valentines day - why not slip on a slinky slip (sounds like a catch phrase) and give your boudoir routine a theme? You can usually pick up lacy full and fitted styles fro around $8. A total bargain.......Here are some more inspirational pieces:

See how long they run? I would love to hear any styling ideas....



Krista said...

I do like slip dresses but I agree they have to be the perfect length. I like to wear mine with chunky boots and a sweater!

pastcaring said...

I don't mind the longer length actually. I've seen a few vintage bloggers looking fabulous in slips-worn-as-a-dress. What about Krista's idea of layering it up, or using a belt to pull the length up a little? Could you even wear 2 at a time of slightly differing lengths and in contrasting colours? Don't know if that would work, just thinking out loud! You wouldn't want to lose the lace detail at the hem, so what about
shortening them under the lace trim (if you get what I mean - folding the slip up so the lace is still there but you've created a fold and lost some length.)
The colours in your top photo are stunning. xxxxxxx

Vix said...

I've been known to wear one under a vintage leopard coat with over-the-knee stripey socks and wellies when all my stuff's too rain sodden and rank at festivals. x

Claudia Moser said...

With a longer skirt?

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Some people rock the slip and look amazing in it. I always feel weird wearing mine out in public.

Talitha said...

I have a cute black slip and I wear it with a high waisted skirt and cute cardigan. I tend to stear away from sheer ones when I go to work haha.

Talitha xx

Helga! said...

I love old slips, and rather like a peek of lace under my frocks too....Curtise (Past Caring) is onto it regarding a way to shorten them, that's how I do it!
I used to, in my youth, wear them as frocks, cos they are so pretty, but I lack that kinda confidence now!
I love how Elizabeth Taylor wore hers in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof!SEXY!
O,boudoir routine?! EEEK! I've gone all modest, just thinking about prancing around in a slip for my man.....HA!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Great ideas, I'll try the sweater/belt combo and see how it looks.

I'm also wondering how comfortable they will be to wear all day considering they're polyester which donesn't breath very well (actually..not at all).

victoryvintageb said...

I love these style slips. I have an entire collection in my VVB boutique called "Silkies by Mrs. Wilkie" ;-) I love them that much.Haha.. I like to wear them under button up shirt dresses and leave top buttons undone to reveal the lacy top of the slip and the last button as hem open to reveal a nice lacy hem. Also I like the look of layering some tonal slips like a light blue over a navy with a lacy button blouse belted of course. Its a fabulous way to incorporate vintage into your everyday wardrobe as well.

Miss K said...

i love slips too, but have no tips for you here, sorry!

Lovely Light said...

I used to sleep in vintage slips too- until I couldn't fit into them anymore! They are usually made in tiny sizes!