German Friends in Cali!

I returned late last night from San Diego  - and guess what? This trip turned out to be an unexpected reunion with several of my Air Force friends from Germany. Beaten Betty was there - and so was about 10 others. I couldn't get over that I was able to share a beer with friends in California that I lived & worked with in Germany. Small world, right? 

My scheduled posts didn't work out as planned because I ran out of time and never actually wrote them....

The recycled fashion segment will be coming up this week.  Remember in January when blog-reader Ms. Renie sent in photos of her thrift store finds and was seeking style advice from my readers? Great news - she sent me updated photos based on your input, and the changes are impressive. 

While in San Diego - I thought it would be fun to do something 'different'. Details of our crazy adventure coming up. The photo below is a HINT of what the night entailed. Yes - those are adults sitting on the floor as if they were in kindergarten. Any guesses????

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Claudia Moser said...

Meeting friends is always fun!