Adult Puppet Cabaret. Who knew?

Remember my PUPPET PARTY  when I found the puppet museum in the random town of Bad Krueznach in Germany? In an odd coincidence, Mr. C and I saw a flyer for an 'Adult Puppet Cabaret' in San Diego. 

I know what you're thinking. We're in San Diego and we're going to a puppet show? 

We like cabaret and also enjoy the Muppets - so this show sounded like a good time waiting to happen. 

So how was it you ask? Incredibly fun and NOT AT ALL what we were expecting. The puppets were a bit creepy, and the themes of the skits ranged from inspiring to sexy and sadistic. 

The odd but super fun night through a crap load of pictures:

We arrived & were shocked to see the line wrapped around the building. I guess we're not the only ones intriqued by this event. Or.....  is this a common event for larger cities and we've simply been out of the loop?
Through the window I started to see some interesting outfits. This was an artistic crowd, and the people watching was great! Suck I have on sandals and a giant sweater (we were freezing in San Diego).

Gingham prairie dress with a fur tail. Odd, come to find out she is one of the artists with 'Animal Cracker Conspiracy' and the tail is similar to an employee name tag. 

Leopard clothing bomb. The rule of one leopard item did not apply here. Shoes, hat, purse, top, skirt, jewelry...

Plenty of hats, solid black clothing and dreadlocks. I think I smell pot......

The camera guy who was actually filming as he walked and showed you the footage on the laptop as he was swinging around. 

Creepy scary puppets. One of many sets.

We sat on the floor like children and watched as different artists entertained us with their  props & stories.  
Alcohol in the form of locally brewed beers and wine was a big part of the evening and breaks were given every 30 minutes for those who needed a refill.  Everyone was really stoned, friendly and I realized that art venues are a PERFECT EXCUSE to wear unique and fun outfits. 

Art exhibits have traditionally not been very exciting to me, but now I have a new appreciation for the gatherings. We had so much fun at the adult puppet cabaret and will be scouting out new and interesting events at home. 



Victoria said...

Sounds totally fun and awesome. I'll have to ask my friend that lives in San Diego if he knows about these events.

Miss K said...

so random, but totally fun!!

Sarah Pearson said...

This sounds really different. You find the most interesting things :-)

pastcaring said...

It sounds great! Any event that encourages a creative approach to life (and clothes) is good! xx

his_girl_friday said...

Sounds fun and strange!