The Short Platinum Hair Cycle - save me from myself.

Short platinum hair... I even bore myself talking about this topic since it seems to be a NEVER ending complaint. Here's my process: 
  • Bleach
  • Tone
  • Cut
  • Deep condition (constantly)
  • Enjoy PERFECT hair for 1 week
  • Literally overnight it becomes too long and dark roots appear
  • Pay $150 at the 4 week mark (yes - I know, uber expensive).
Seriously...when does it end? 

Out of curiosity - how much do you spend on vanity expenses? Between the nails, cosmetics, treatments, hair and whatever - being a woman is EXPENSIVE.

Instead of being platinum - I'm going for a more 'California' gold tone. Unfortunately my hair is so trashed stripped from bleach it will take a few attempts to get it to hold. 

Original hair inspiration - Sarah Harding/UK

At my brightest lightest in Germany. Touch of brassy yellow added thanks to a bad colorist and old rusty pipes.

The goal hair color - and the style is gorgeous too, but I don't know if I'm patient enough to grow it out. Hmmm, it is pretty cute though - what do you think? I be I could  have something close to this look by Fall. Cut or grow???



Talitha said...

I used to spend $180 each time I went, and that was for cut colour & blow dry - so a rip off, but I was happy to pay it, and generally drew it out as long as possible before going back haha. 8 weeks with bad regrowth!

Unfortunately with blonde it is easier to see the roots. I think give it time, the more gold colour will look amazing on you!

Talitha xx

Christianna said...

Hahahahaha, I do my own hair. So I spend maybe 10 bucks every time.

I love the new color inspiration, and the cut too! You should totally grow it out. It would look darling on you! I'm growing my pixie out, I put it in a little pony for the first time today!

Claudia Moser said...

Tray change you might like it!

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Michelle!

I used to be beach blond, i paid $90 each time, and the process was pure torture and too expensive. This is why i am a red head now,plus i do it myself, total cost $10!
I used to have my nails done as well $20 each time, i do it myself now. I go thrifting instead much more fun!

Have you ever considered red?

Take care


Melanie said...

Hi. Your hair is BEAUTIFUL - love both the cut and the platinum. I used to have my hair like that too, but the work, the time, the worry...

I remember that my mother used to have wigs, like many respectable women in the early '70s. I would much prefer to wear a wig that mimics my hair in length/style and wear different colours to suit my taste on any given day - not always comfortable but a fun option and probably less expensive in the end. I DON'T do this because I'm not sure I want to cross that line - yet - in terms of outside reaction.

No matter, your style is wonderful and whatever you choose will look incredible. My hair has a lot of silver now, naturally, and I don't think a stylist could have done a better colour job. I'm pretty happy with it.

Tanya said...

Your short platinum hair looks gorgeous but I bet a different look will look great on you too! Maybe try a less maintenance-intensive look and go back to platinum if you don't like it?

Talitha said...

PS. You should check out my GIVEAWAY

Talitha xx

Sarah Elisabeth said...

Let it grow! It will be fun with a change and come fall and you don't like it - cut it! Easy peasy!

Krista said...

I'm too old to fuss too much with my hair these days and believe it or not my current pink and orange hair is super easy and low maintenance. I color it myself, the pink is touched up every other month but my red only once every three months. The bleaching gets old after a while I think you should try a color....GO RED!!!!!

A trim for my hair is $12 and a haircut is $24.

Miss K said...

i spend $125 (w tip) on my hair every 8-10 weeks. it's so hard being blonde and keeping up w it!

Kelli Nørgaard said...

Highlights every 6 weeks- 600dkk so about $120. Used to pay double that here in DK, but found a new salon that had GREAT prices as they were just getting started... Phew! Saved me some cash!

michelle said...

I love the picture, but I ADORE your shorter hair! Every time I try to grow out my hair, I always go back to short.
I used to spend $160 every other month- not any more. Now I color myself, and only go in when I want some highlights. I agree with Ariane- thrifting is much more fun!!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Everyone! Thanks for the suggestions - and it looks like the decision has already been made for me. Due to 'military' base work this week - I'm better off leaving it short. With pending tent living and helmet wearing (bleh) - I won't even bother trying to deal with a grow out.

On the 'red' color suggestions - I have been red one time before. Ok technically purple- red, and it was cut just like Uma Thurman after her role in Pulp Fiction. The color was incredibly high maintenance, and ended up turniny my pretty white tiled shower a reddish pink. One time while out (1998), I was caught in a rain storm and when my hair got wet the color started to drip out of my hair and stained my white t-shirt. Tres embarassing....

I'm a blonde 100% - personality and my skin color makes this a great color for me.

The cost does sound considerably higher for me (you lucky lucky girls that can do it yourself....) - so I'll continued the increased color of the base in the hopes I can stretch the touchups from 4 weeks to 6. That will help a little bit.