60's Nautical - errr..... STEWARDESS. Bonus: annoying friends

My two new fun looks at the moment are WESTERN ROMANTIC (WR) and PREPPY YACHT (PY). You saw my cowboy boots the other day - so lets take a peek at what's happening with 'PY'.

Preppy Yacht is essential a hodgepodge of Navy Blue - Red - White - Stripes and then accented with anything brown. Sort of an odd blend of FRENCH MADAME mixed with SAILOR SALLY.  

Navy blue vintage dress  - check
White accents - check
Brown accents - check
Red something - check

So far so good.....

The dress is actually two separate pieces and both are uber comfortable. A total steal at $1.50.  (yes people - $1.50!) I had the skirt hemmed above my knee - so the total cost was $12. Pretty good for an indestructible fabric and a forgiving cut.

Convenient 2 pieces so I can mix and match. The back-zip top will look great with white or red skinny's in the spring - and the navy skirt will go with everything.
I added a belt - but decided it didn't do much for the outfit. Actually I thought it made the outfit look too 'costumey'. I chose to IGNORE the giant belt loops around my waist. Maybe people will think they are decorative pieces.  

I ran errands downtown and received a TON of compliments from the sales girls and also from random strangers. It's funny how women will go nuts over vintage pieces. I think unique pieces like this catch people off guard - especially in my little conservative city.

At the end of the day I stopped by my girlfriend's clothing shop, and as soon as she sees me she says, "HA - YOU LOOK LIKE A STEWARDESS. YOU'RE SO FUNNY!"

Ugh. You're supposed to say, 'wow, I love your outfit' OK......I know it's kind of stewardess-y outfit- but no one wants to hear they look like they're wearing a costume.

I played along (of course), but at that moment I wished I was Helga . She would have busted-out some clever stewardess routine and left everyone in the room wanting to look like a stewardess too. 

Good thing I didnt' have the belt on  too- it would have been MAYHEM trying to shop with all of the soda and peanut requests.



Cami said...

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Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madam Spoiled said...

You look adorbs! **with or without the peanuts!** Some folks just don't get it!

Love and Hugs,
Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madam Spoiled

Vix said...

Nothing wrong with looking like a stewardess but yep, you're right, Helga would have found a killer comeback, unlike me who'd have thought of one days later!
That outfit kicks ass and looks much cuter without the belt. x

Krista said...

Don't you love having the courage to be you, some people only wish! I love this lil mini on you and if stewardesses dressed like this I would fly more.
I agree with Vix I like it better without the belt.

pastcaring said...

Yes, I'm with the girls, better without the belt. I think belts are tricky if there are patch pockets on the front, they don't sit right with the waist cinched in.
I love this outfit, I agree the pieces are really versatile, and I don't think it's "costumey" at all. Hurray for compliments - shows you made an impression, good for you! xxxxxxxxx

Claudia Moser said...

Very creative!

his_girl_friday said...

That outfit is just SO great.

Anonymous said...

that is way too cute! hope you're doing well <3