The American Rat Race

I have to admit, it has been a bit ODD to be back in the states. I didn't think life was so much different in Germany, but apparently....... 6 months is long enough to adapt without even realizing it.


- The HOVERING SERVICE in stores. Can I not browse without someone asking me 10 times if they can help me? Can't I just look at stuff? 

- The RESTAURANT RACE. Waiters/waitresses can't seem to take my order fast enough. THREE MINUTES later when my meal arrives, the check is placed on the table with a very grandiose gesture. Obviously I need to eat as quickly as possible and get out so the cycle can repeat with someone else. Oh how I miss my long and slow meals. 

- The POWER WALK. Where is everyone going in such a hurry? Not only do you look ridiculous, but it stresses everyone else out around you. I'm trying to keep my relaxed stride, but it's not easy to maintain.

- The TOILETS. Odd observation I know, but toilets in Europe are the same height as our handicap version (about 6 inches higher). Here in the states it seems like they are practically on the floor. Even 2 weeks in country - the toilet height still throws me off.

The WONDERFUL thing about being back is seeing my friends and realizing truly how friendly Americans are. Strangers randomly strike up a witty conversation, fellow diners share their wine or say good evening when you walk in. Women compliment my hairstyle or ask where I'm from (see, I even LOOK like a foreigner now...). It's a whole new experience being back, and I'm enjoying every minute of it.

UPDATE: Remember my dining friend Gisella from Bad Krueznach Germany? She asked me to call her fun daughter Julia (an architect in Seattle). I did call Julia over the weekend and left a message. I didn't hear back from her (not surprised...) - but thought it  would have been cool to talk to her (and would have made for an awesome blog post).

Shopping in Freemont Seattle!
My last day with FIFI (+ bonus - an update from Ann! Fifi has been up to her old tricks. Sigh......)


Krista said...

Look at how cute you are holding that gorgeous bouquet! Love that hat with that scarf yummy butterscotch.

We need higher toilets I think that would make my knees very happy. I remember how fast everyone walked in NYC and by the weeks end of me being there I was totally doing it! I hate being rushed in a restaurant, back the truck up!

Anonymous said...

Ohmygosh! How funny! I totally agree w/ you.

My m-i-l works at a shoe store and it even drives her nuts when she is shopping somewhere else and the sales reps just HOVER.

The only time I've been out of the country is to Cancun, Mexico, but a couple trips to New Orleans was *like* going to another country. The culture and history there is just so amazing. Before we went, I read that you should plan WAY ahead of time for your meals b/c thing just move at a slower pace there. Totally right! I learned quickly

Thanks for the reminder that we hurry too much over here. I really should slow down and just enjoy...

Miss K said...

wow, those observations are so true and i didn't even notice it. except the toilet thing, not that i've been to europe, but with my long legs some toilets feel like i'm sitting on the floor. wtf.

Christianna said...

Love seeing what the differences are! Hahahaha, the toilet and power walk ones made me giggle the most!

Talitha said...

Enjoy your trip home lovely :)

I found it different after only going to Japan for 3 weeks, everyone is so much nicer and less fast paced over there. oming back to Australia I found we were annoyed with tourists (I have gone back to being annoyed with them >.<) and having no patience, something I need to work on!

Can't wait to see more about the US from your perspective.

Have you met up with your family yet? They must be so excited to see you!

Talitha xx

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

OK strange request but I really want to see how low your toilets are can you take a photo for me?

Sarah Pearson said...

Off topic but last night I was watching Professional Masterchef and they had a contestant on who reminded me of someone. I spent half an hour staring at her, trying to work it out then I realised it was you :-)

xStroutx said...

How cute is your hat! And I agree, hovering service is the worst, I hate shopping pressure!

Gawgus things... said...

It's always so much harder settling back in than going to a new place..Can't believe the 6 months are up already! xx