Want to be in amazing shape? I know the secret.

As I return back to my base in Seattle, I can't help but notice my once PLUMP and OVERWEIGHT co-workers are now rockin amazing bodies.

No kidding, some of them have shed over 30 pounds during my 6 month deployment. Not only do they look amazing, but they walk and carry themselves differently. It's been a total TRANSFORMATION to say the least.

So what's the secret? The AIR FORCE FITNESS TEST.

A change in policy is not forcing everyone to meet the new fitness standards. Even if you have 18 years of service in, if you can't meet the required fitness levels you are kicked out! No one appreciates a career killer, especially when its due to your own negligence. As a result, this level of pressure is forcing those in the military to change their lifestyle.

The results are AMAZING, and the test is manageable for just about anyone (with a small diet change and training)No.....you probably won't ever look like Ms. Demi from GI Jane, but the whole-body approach will rip you into shape in no time. The test is simple enough with points given for 4 different categories:
  1. 1.5 mile run
  2. Waist measurement (at your thickest part)
  3. Push ups
  4. Sit ups.
That's it. No biggie, right? The BIG CATCH is you have to hit the minimums in all 4 categories or else you fail the test. Here's the test:

1 minute - do as many sit ups as you can (knees bent, hands across your chest and on your shoulders. Start in the up position, go down and touch your shoulder blades to the ground and up until your elbows touch your upper thigh or knee.). That counts as 1 rep


1 minute - do as many push ups as you can (legs straight, hands slightly past you shoulder width. Lower your body so your arms are parallel. Push back up) That counts as 1 rep.


Run/jog for 1.5 miles

MEASURE your waist, then compare ALL of your numbers to the chart to see how well you did.

CLICK HERE to see the chart which gives points based on age and gender. The goal is to score an EXCELLENT, which would be 90-100 points. Anything lower than 75 is a fail ('boo-hiss', as my friend Shasta would say).

No, you don't have to do this. But isnt' it cool that she can? Wow, totally impressed.

QUESTIONS on the program or how it works? JUST ASK! Jumpstart your fitness now before sweater weather and the holidays ruin your hot spring plans!


Anonymous said...

Oh man! I think that's awesome that employers are doing this. It's kind of harsh I guess, but what a motivator!

Helga! said...

I'm with your friend Shasta!
It's a bloody good idea,but I do so hope my employers don't get wind of this!!!XXX

Anonymous said...

i gained 39 lbs in basic training doing this...but i was in the best shape of my life before (running like 9 miles a day...) so that doesnt count! its a great workout for someone who is not used to working out!

and i havent had time to catch up on things (im behind as usual) but i wanted to say thank you for all you do for the US and i hope you have a great veterans day!

Sarah Pearson said...

You lost me at the run I'm afraid. I'm working on losing all my extra weight. I'll add the exercise in later :-)

Miss K said...

i would fail. miserably. embarrassingly even. I need to start training.

Fabienne Jach said...

I just started running again after being laid up with pneumonia and an hour actually made me tired. Just a couple months ago I didn't even think twice. On the other hand, I can actually run an hour, which I happen to think is amazing! Taking care of our bodies through overall wellness becomes more and more important as we age—especially if we want to age gracefully!

Thanks for sharing those tips:)
xo, f
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