Look at what I found!

I finally tracked down my elusive caramel apple! There was a shop full of them in downtown Seattle. It was a caramel apple day because later that evening my sister surprised me with a DIY package (thanks Ms. Susan!). NOTE: Germans need to get with the delicious goodness of the caramel-apple combination. Chocolate or toffee coating is not the same, and it leaves a big mess when you bite into it.

Ignore the chocolate ones on the left. Just stare at the delicious ones on the upper right. The naked ones on the bottom are a BIG TEASE because you know they'll be dipped in caramel soon.


Being in Seattle is a bit CONFUSING. Mostly because it looks so much like Germany. Case in point....can you tell which photo is from Germany, and which one is from Seattle? Both were taken within 2 weeks of each other:

Any guesses on which is what/where???


Do you remember when I was talking about the CABBAGE FLOWERS I had found in Germany and put in my room? (pretty but smelly exactly like cabbage?). I was shocked to find them all over Pike Street Market. Apparently they are called 'ornamental cabbage' and they are for decorative purposes only (read: don't serve them at your next dinner party). 

Pretty cool, right? Especially for only $10

BIG NEWS - I'm doing a SEATTLE BLOGGER MEET-UP on Thursday. Ms. Tanya from SassyNerd and I are going to connect (so excited!!!) - so stay tuned for our cool story.



Anonymous said...

So glad you had a safe trip back to the states! :)

Is that store Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory? We have a bunch of those down here. I love the Snickers apples.

I vote that Photo A is Germany b/c it just looks...Germanic?

Those decorative cabbage things are awesome!

P.S. You can MYO caramel apples at home. Just buy a bag of those square caramel candies, add a couple Tablespoons of milk and heat it up in the microwave. We prefer just to slice up our apples as opposed to covering the whole apple in caramel. Yum!

Bibi said...

Have fun on Thursday! That sounds like a great idea to connect in RL!!!

I've seen a few decorative cabbage plants when I lived in NY... never held my nose close to them, though ;)

Bibi said...

ok... so I'm guessing Exhibit B to be Germany and A to be Seattle. Am I close? It's 50/50... lol

Christianna said...

Carmel apples are divine! Glad you found some!

I think A. is Germany and B. is Seattle?

Can't wait to hear about your blogger meet up! Should be so much fun!

Katherine said...

I love caramel apples! Now after reading this post I want to go get one tomorrow :) Those cabbage flowers are beautiful.

Miss K said...

thank goodness you found some caramel apples, every girl needs one......or 10.

Talia said...

I want to say Seattle is A and Germany is B.... tough call, though!

Glad to hear your finally got your caramel apple!!! I can only imagine how satisfying that must have been to finally eat one!

Also, I hope your meet up goes well with Tanya! I love her blog as well. Can't wait to hear details!

Helga! said...

O,squee! So home is almost the same as Europe?! Bizarre! You'll have no probs settling back in,then!
Gurrah you've found some favourites already! I so need to taste a caramel apple!Crazy stuff!My teeth hurt thinking about it!
Oooo,blogger meetup!FUN!

Tanya said...
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Tanya said...

I'm so excited about our meetup on Thursday!!!! Can't wait to finally meet you!!! :D

Sarah Pearson said...

I vote that photo A is Seattle for no other reason than I have a 50/50 chance of being right :-)

And I think I've made my feelings clear about caramel apples :-)

Angela said...

I LOVE caramel apples!! Your post reminded me that I had wanted to make them for myself for Halloween. Oops- a little late but I still may make them. Mmmm

Liz said...

yummy, they all look so yummy. I'M glad that I found your blog. I used to live in Seattle for a year and watching your blog makes me less homesick ;)
Just became your reader
Liz from germany

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

You guys did pretty good! A is Seattle, and B is Germany.

Confusing though - right?


Rissy said...

just found your blog through your comment on love lipstick and pearls and am not following! I may need to go stalk more of your Germany adventures

Krista said...

I wish I could join you gals :( but I'm working. I hope to get up to WA soon so we can do a lil vintage shopping.

So happy you found your carmel apples :) I love ornamental cabbage!!!!! I try and plant it right about now.

I say picture A is in Germany but your right who can tell. Take care dear, thanks for the link to the gal in Ashland too. Cute pictures!!!

Victoria said...

Opps, I was wrong, I was thinking A was Germany and B was Seattle. And, Krista you have a great blog, love it!

Sarah Elisabeth said...

Haha I also thought A was Germany and B was Seattle! Glad to see you made it home safely!

Kelli Nørgaard said...

I know where that Caramel apple store is in downtown!!! My students discovered it last year and came home to DK and tried to make their own! :-)

Wish I was in town 2 weeks earlier so I could join the meetup!! Have fun!

Fabienne Jach said...

I'm going to guess photo B is Germany. Birch trees? It must be cool to be back in Seattle. Is that where you were from?
xo, f
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