Musicals, After Hour Parties + Dear Friends!

Saturday night was date-night at the broadway production of COME FLY WITH ME. It's basically a dance performance to the top hits of Frank Sinatra. Since we have our upcoming trip to Palm Springs, Mr. C and I thought it would be fun to go to get a feel of the era.

I have no idea how this happened - but we got FRONT ROW CENTER seats. It was incredible. You could see everything close up - it was as if they were dancing just for us. The funny thing is the guys were 'sweat machines' and every time they'd shake their head it was like a wet dog spraying water everywhere (read: gross). The women didn't have a drop of sweat on them and were in phenomenal shape. 

I thought I would see 'great fashion' at this production - but was more like the girls were dancing in their nightgowns or a flimsy dress from Ross.

Look at how close we are! No idea why that girl is randomly standing up. The poor people sitting behind her! 

We had seats reserved at are favorite lounge -and it was coincidentally the 'AFTER HOURS' party for the show. This was their last show and they were out to celebrate . None of them were affiliated with the upcoming Palm Springs event - so it was just one of those weird meet ups. But lucky us - we met up with dear friends SHASTA, Jer and Mr. John.  Mr. Eric (John's other half and my bestie from High School) was out of town -otherwise it would have been complete.

Shasta and Mr. John!

I'm still having fun in the dressing room. Here is today's OOTD. So in case you're curious about what I am doing today? NOTHING - and it's awesome. Take a gander at my 'DO NOTHING' outfit:

Feeling 'dancey' - probably inspired from Saturday's musical (see above if you already forgot what I'm referring to....).  Hot pink sweater (Old Navy - many seasons ago), Black neck tie (stolen from my black wrap dress), Wool cargo pants (Express/op-shopped)

I op-shopped these Express pants, and thanks to ties and random buttons I can wear them several ways. BONUS: fully lined to keep the wool-itch away. Paired with op-shopped black leather ankle boots. I've been joking that I'm part HOMELESS because the majority of my clothes come from the thrift store (aka op-shop).

This outfit needs 'something'. Let's add a Fedora hat!!! (H&M). Aren't the cargo pockets cute? It's a fun twist on an otherwise traditional fabric.

Do you ever wear 'fun' clothes for no reason? If no, give it a try. It's a pretty good time.



Miss K said...

how fun! what a great blogger to meet up w, shasta is so cute!

i love those pants on you, very flattering and they look so comfy!

Sarah Pearson said...

That sounds like a great nice out - well, except for the sweat. Euww.

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Sounds like a awesome night other than getting wet from all the sweat. I remember going to a musical and when the lead female was giving it her all she was spitting and spraying everywhere and I thanked my lucky stars that I was a few rows back.

xStroutx said...

You look gorgeous! I love those pants, it's so unusual to see that fabric matched with cargo-y pockets. i dress up in fun clothes for no reason all the time... I think clothes should ALWAYS be fun

Christianna said...

I wear fun clothes for no reason all the time! Love this outfit!

That musical looks awesome!