A French Theme - OOTD

All of you have been so patient with enduring my 6 months of 'self-taken' head shots. I'm completely bored with it - so you have to be bored too. GREAT NEWS though - now that I'm home I have a full closet again along with a full-length mirror. Its still not as great as a 'camera/tri-pod arrangment' (which is going on the Christmas list) -but it is an improvement.

Today's OOTD ('outfit of the day' if you are seriously a new blogger and not up to speed with the abbreviated lingo) is French themed. Read: simple lines with a soft skirt and the waist accentuated.

This blue skirt (Banana Republic) has front pockets -but it is too big, so I hoisted it up with a wide elastic belt. A simple black turtle neck (H&M) keeps the look slimming, yet comfortable. At one point I swore I would never wear a turtleneck again (since it can make you look like a fat conservative cow), but with short hair and a skirt with heels- I think it works.

I adore great tights and socks. These ones (H&M) have wool in them, so they're very warm -  not to mention they have great texture to an otherwise basic outfit. Black patent Mary Jane's - op shopped.


I didn't want to be a 'bruise-bomb' with my black and blue combo - so I added a rich purple coat for color. I think the jewel tones look rich together.

Not the warmest coat (Nordstroms - Brass Plum) in the world - but it will do the trick. Please try to ignore the messy dressing room - it's total chaos with the unpacking. There is going to be a major closet purge in my near future (I can hear my nieces squealing in delight over this comment.....)

I was excited to get home and do Helga's FROCK FRIDAY, but honestly I'm not consistent enough to follow a series. Remember Euro Trash? I intended it to be on Friday, but when Friday came I didn't always feel like doing it so it would often post on Tuesday or some other random day of the week.

With that being said..... I will just post whatever/whenever. I often write up several posts at once and them schedule them out throughout the week - so please bear with me as I fall back into some sort of 'theme' to the blog.


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Talia said...

Your outfit is SO cute!! I'm in love with the skirt. And the jacket!? Oh my amazingness...

Miss K said...

you are adorable, i love this outfit. can't wait to see how your new groove will go back in the US. I too write several posts and schedule them for the next wekk, it's just the easiest.

Christianna said...

Love the color of that skirt! And in all honestly I've been wondering what OOTD meant, and now I feel stupid. Hahahaha.

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Good to see that your settling in OK. I love that skirt the colour and style are lovely on you.

Angela said...

Loev the coat! The color is beautiful. Oh and even though I'm not a new blogger, I never remember what OOTD means haha. Hopefully now I will ;o) Happy Friday!

Anastasios said...

I love that blue skirt dear, it really suits you and smart idea to use that belt to tack those naughty pockets in :)
And turtle neck is my all winter favorite top. I wear black turtle neck almost everyday. When I find one I like and fits me well, I buy 2-3 of the same! :)

P.S. I like whatever/whenever! A blog is a free medium outside programmes and rules :)

Kisses dear Michelle!

Krista said...

You look beautiful! I love the skirt and jacket too. I had fun last night shopping at H&M but dang they run out of my size fast!

Sarah Pearson said...

Don't worry too much about themes and stuff. Your blog is like the perfect vintage shop. I never know what treasures I'll find here :-)