Shabby Apple Dresses. Would you wear this?

New looks from my affiliate SHABBY APPLE. I loved their earlier collections, but this new one called TINSEL TOWN is a bit......different. Take a look and tell me what you think:

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Such a fun and flirty skirt for the holidays, but I wish it came in other colors. The white color makes me think of 'princess bride'.  Still adorable - especially when paired with bright accessories. You can find it HERE

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If you have ZERO body fat and 100% confidence, you could easily pull of this look. You can find it HERE
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  This is called the INDUSTRY SKIRT. ??????.  Is that really a giant flower on her skirt? Is this a joke? I'm dying to hear your thoughts on this one. If interested in purchasing, you can buy it HERE

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Kind of witchy, right? I don't think I can handle the black or white tulle. Shouldn't it be fun and festive colors?  What do you think about the neck line?  You can find it HERE

I  know I am a crap affiliate, and I 'm supposed to say things that say 'BUY BUY BUY' this dress RIGHT NOW! But come on..... a giant flower on the leg? Really? 

However.....I realize that everyone has a different and unique style,  so please tell me how you would wear this and what your thoughts are on the dresses. Give it to me straight - no filter needed.


If you buy anything from Shabby Apple, send me your pics and I'll do a special posting just for you! We will all by dying to see what you buy! Extra blog credit if you get the glued-on flower skirt.

Also - for the month of November I can extend to you a special discount of 15% off for any black dress. Simply enter the code BLACKOUT at checkout.



Tanya said...

hahahahah omg i'm buying that first tulle skirt and wearing it to ballet :D

Angela said...

That first dress reminds me of something a Stepford wife would wear hahaha. The last black witchy dress- yo nailed it on the head there ;o) The "industry skirt"- like it except for the huge flower.

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

I love the first dress but I really dont know where I would wear it. The flower skirt is a little cuckoo but each to their own.

Talitha said...

I love love the white dress :) Yes it is kind of bride-ie looking but you can totally tone that down with a coloured cardi & matching belt.

Erm, that skirt is weird with the giant flower...too weird to want to wear :)

Talitha xx

Sarah Pearson said...

Dye the first one purple. Forget the second one altogether, rip the flower off the third and the gold stuff off the last, et voila :-)

In my next life I'm going to be a designer :-)

Christianna said...

I really like the last dress!

Miss K said...

ya, i'm not feeling any of those items either. the skirt is cute, but why white? and where the H would you wear it?

Fabienne Jach said...

M - I don't know if any of those dresses are me. Probably the metallic looking one, though you're right, you kinda need zero body fat. I love short dresses. I'm not too fond of really long dresses at the moment. I'm sure I'd flunk "age-appropriate" dressing for mid-40's! Lol!
xo, f
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