GIVEAWAY - ending soon! (Hot Pink Passport Cover from Australia)

Don't forget to sign up for my SUPER-EASY giveway. You too can be the proud owner of a HOT PINK LEATHER PASSPORT COVER. Imported all the way from Austrailia - this is the perfect must have. Plus - it's bright color will keep your passport from getting lost at the bottom of you bag.

The winner will be selected this week! Just click HERE and leave your email or blog address in the comments. That's it - super easy.


Note: the giveaway is open to everyone, and yes - I ship worldwide.



Hi Thanks for stopping in and following. I love your blog and your title!! You've got a great hair cuta nd wonderful style. I'll come back for more visits.
Happy Holidays.
PS..check out my hot pink combat boots!


Oops..just saw your comment about my boots!! Thanks girl.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I simply wanted to take time to make a comment and say I have really enjoyed reading your site.

Monica said...

That passport cover looks pretty cute. And it has my favorite pink color. How I would love to have something like this for my travels abroad.

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