Layering 101 & Home Hair

Brrrrr, it's cold outside. And when I say 'cold', I'm referring to extreme winds and snow. JOY. Jumping right into the winter season leaves me less-than excited, so I'm trying my best to keep my boring snow boots and coat in the closet. Here is my attempt of layering to be both WARM and STYLISH.

Welcome to Layering 101:

LAYER 1: Plum colored long sleeve dress and purple tights (H&M)

LAYER 2: Short sleeve charcoal dress (Shabby Apple)

LAYER 3: Over-the- knee charcoal wool sockens (H&M)

LAYER 4: Practical leather walking boots (vintage Buster Brown, op-shopped)

LAYER 5: Add any warm scarf, shopper tote and earrings.

Weather ready - no winter coat!!! Tip: to kick it up a notch, add a hat and gloves.

My favorite hair salon is undergoing a remodel, so my stylist offered to come to my house instead. Uh.....what? You want to bleach and cut my hair at my house? Not having much of a choice....... I told her that was OK. I figured it would either be AWKWARD or really CONVENIENT.

She showed up and all went well, until I had to endure the 25 minute rinse/shampoo/condition (x2) ordeal in my own kitchen sink. Not to mention seeing my own hair all over the kitchen floor was a bit odd too (especially considering I had to start cooking right after she left).

So how did my hair turn out? Well...the color is much better than the 'no-toner' approach of the Germans, but the cut seems a bit more 'thinned out' than I wanted. It doesn't look as European/French anymore - SUCK. Oh time.

Have you ever had this type of service at your house before? It was convenient since I didn't have to drive anywhere, but at the same time - it wasn't convenient because it took longer than normal and I missed out on the whole 'salon' experience. If given the option again - I would say 'skip it' and go to the salon. It's soooo much better!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'll be posting preview photos of my 50's party dresses starting on Monday.



Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

I like the salon experience my haidresser has a seat that massages your back as your are getting your hair wahsed. Oooh how I love that seat.

Miss K said...

i'm with you, i'd take the salon experience anyday.

Christianna said...

Love your layering tips! I tend to do stuff like this, but I wouldn't have thought to use my tight long sleeve dress under something.

I do my hair at my house all the time!

Christianna said...

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!

DaphYin said...

Wow your hair is great! :) and it was a fun post to read ^^ I love your outfit!

Sarah Pearson said...

How is it you still manage to look tiny with all those clothes on?

Claire said...

i dont like getting my hair done at home, last time the girl didnt even bring a mirror, i had to wash it myself before she got here and i had to hoover up the mess AND it was the same price as it would have been in a salon!!!!

Angela said...

A friend of mine does my hair here in Malta and he doesn't work in a salon as he's more of the "teacher" and travels alot lol. So he comes to our house and does my hair. Its a bit odd but at least I can sit in front of our tv while getting my hair cut and colored in the living room lol. Reminds me, I really need to get my hair done soon!

Anonymous said...

A gal on our base started cutting hair in her home.. I really LOVE being able to walk down the street and get my hair done. :) She does a fantastic job . . . but I don't think I'd like seeing my hair in my OWN kitchen either. :)