Sweater Dress Bliss - OOTD

I am having so much fun this week with OOTD (outfit of the day). Today is fuh-reezing outside, so I went for a cozy sweater look. Again,  my apologies for the MESSY dressing room. Major progress though, I've emptied the trunks and my suitcases - so now its down to the random small pieces that need to find a home. Seriously,,,,,, I think I have 200 pairs of sockens (that's 'socks' for you not privy to German speak) 

There's that brown H&M scarf again. Even though I have all of these new outfit choices, I'm still drawn to the same scarf. Sweater dresses tend to stretch out as the day goes on, so the elastic belt keeps me from looking frumpy.

Wool dress (Mudd),  cream tights (H&M), cognac leather boots (op shopped), shopper bag (H&M), striped elastic belt (Forever 21). Sockens (random ones from the drawer).

I'm doing my SOCKEN 'layering' move again. For some reason - just wearing tights and boots doesn't look right. Bring on the layers! If you're wondering why I'm not wearing heels, I did try some one but it didn't look right. I wanted to keep the look casual.

Which coat to wear? I tried on my vintage 70's suede with luxurious faux fur collar. Hmmmm, not sure. I think there might be too much camel brown going on. Plus, this isn't working with my flat boots.

Maybe...if I could hold this particular pose all day.......

I decide to go for something easier to wear - and this tie front cardigan sweater will be perfect. However, since I tend to dirty up anything light in color, I can't help but think ......."don't spill coffee today, don't spill any coffee today - HEY, what's on the ceiling?"

Add my shopper tote (which is the perfect size for hauling around my ipad and water bottle), and voila - finally, the OOTD. What do you think? Too European? I'm not seeing any local girls dressing like this.

Being home has already presented a unique set of opportunities, but with these opportunities come sacrifices. Speaking in general terms, I want to throw out a scenario hear your input.

If you had to choose between HUGE MONEY with limited free time,  or LIMITED MONEY with a fluid schedule. Which one would you choose and why?

I know that's pretty vague scenario, but when it gets down to it - that really is the truth. More money or more time?



Christianna said...

I love this outfit! I dress like this all the time. Though people usually think I'm European, and then I open my mouth...

As to your question, if you are doing something you love then it doesn't matter if you go more money less time, but just remember that it's the moments in life that are magical, not the amount of money you have. So if it's going to take away from those moments, less money for sure!

Talia said...

Too European? Pshhh no way... those Washingtonians don't have anything on your wonderful style. :) (Love the sockens + boots look, btw)

To answer your question... one thing that would make a big impact on the way I answer this is how long would the limited free time last? For me, I can only take so long with being crazy busy. Ultimately you have to do what's going to make you happy. And at the end of the day, I can sacrifice the green if it means I get to be a happy girl!

Tanya said...

Your dressing room is so fab! Loving your OOTD posts!

To answer your question, I would probably choose the money, only because when I have limited free time, I tend to utilize it better. With a fluid schedule and lots of free time, I'd just sit on my ass and surf the internets instead of doing something productive. I love keeping busy, so why not get paid for it too :D

Sarah Pearson said...

I love the outfit. That cardigan is awesome.

Anonymous said...

So cute! This is one of the reasons I love to "people watch". Just think about all the great style ideas that you're giving us! :)

I am dying to try out the socks w/ tights look!

Oh your dilemma is one I'm dealing with now! My heart says "More time, more time!" But, my brain says "More money!" It's terrible because that's the world we live in today. I wish I could say that I would be totally in bliss to have very little money, but tons of time to spend with my family. Truthfully, this world requires money and a lot of it.

All I can think about is: Punkin's college fund! Retirement! Pay off the house early! Hubby needs a new car! We need a new farm truck! We need new appliances in the kitchen!

I guess my final answer is: more time. We're not going to look back and wish for anything but more time with the people we love doing things that we love. Right now, I'm barely making enough money to pay for Punkin's pre-school tuition, BUT my job is super flexible. Any time Punkin has an activity or is sick, I am able to stay/go with him. Also, I am only working three days a week, so I have two days off to run errands or take care of things for our family.

Stupidly, I still keep wishing that something full-time will come along. It would just make me feel more secure.

Just pray about it. :)

Victoria said...

Love the look, looks warm for these cold, cold days!

If you have goals in mind then the choice may be easier. More money because you have a specific goal for that or more time because you have goals for that too! What is it you want to accomplish in the next year, three years, five years and put your mind there for a bit and fantasize what that will look like and how your getting to that day. What ever you do, choices, change and time will continue.

oksana said...

I adore your OOTD!

And I choose more time,less money :-)


Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Thank you for all of the wonderful insight. It's funny - you think you have everything mapped out with what you're going to do next -and the POOF, something new happens. I suppose that is the beauty of life - you'll never know what is around the corner.

I'll let you know what I'm referring to when I make my final decision.


victoryvintageb said...

I LOVE the cream sweater coat look! Your such a doll and put together so many fun looks that work no matter! That 70's suede coat is amazing!! I would wear it with bright blue, scarf and fedora with skinny jeans maybe!! LOVE!!!

Krista said...

I love this outfit! You look great! The suede furry coat WINNER but I do like the cream cardigan with your outfit better.

I hate to sound shallow but I'd choose more money less time....for a limited time.

Miss K said...

i love that scarf, i think it's better to wear the crap out of the items you love instead of wearing them a few times when you love it bc then it just gets wasted.

i think i would rather have more money. at least this point in my life anyways. then i could do all the shopping i want and most importantly buy a home for the H and i and we could begin to plan for our family. then in a few years, i'd probably rather have time. i guess it just changes as your life changes too.