EXERCISE and BEER - the German Lifestyle

Germans LOVE nature. From bike paths to hiking, outside exercise is just as important to them as is a delicious liter of beer. I suppose it only makes sense that Germans would combine the two loves as part of a normal lifestyle.

Inspired by this billboard on a local building showing a mountain climber at the top of mountain drinking beer, me and my new friend Sebastian tried our own version of the exercise/beer craze by cycling intensely with beer breaks every two hours.

Where did his glass come from? This ad cracks me up

Not planned, but here was the general outline:
    Doner Kebap - I'm addicted
  • Cycle off base to the nearest village, suffer through multiple hills, cycle, stop for beers and lunch at Doner Kebap
  • Cycle, cycle, hills, cycle, hills, Beers
  • Cycle, hills, TIP-OVER onto the sidewalk in front of pedestrians because I'm going going that slow uphill, cycle - finally, more beers
  • Cycle, cycle, cycle, Beer, cycle cycle, Dinner, cycle back to base. Die.

NINE HOURS LATER, I was thoroughly exhausted, covered in knats, drunk and hungover all at the same time. Yet....it was my best day ever! I can't fit into my pants today, so I'm thinking I gained 5lbs overnight. Still worth it, however I'll be detoxing for the rest of the week. Beer and bread is such a waistline killer.

Fifi @ the pub. So sad....it's closed.
Normal downtown buildings. Crazy, huh?


Anonymous said...

Haha I'm gonna be right there with you when I'm in Norway. I will be walking, hiking, and biking alot...and hopefully will lose weight. But they eat so much damn bread I'm sure that will counteract alot of it! :-)

Jello said...

looks like your relationship with your bike is evoluing ; ) beer sounds like a nice way to join exercise and plaisure. looks like you're enjoying your time in Germany. thanks for sharing it!

Andi said...

OMG, the kebabs in Germany are outstanding - with a beer - the best!

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Sounds like fun and the bike is getting a major workout as well.

xStroutx said...

See that's not fair, I really feel that all the cycling should cancel out the beer/bread...

Gawgus things... said...

Now this sounds like my kinda day! A doner kebab oh yes please! I love it how you were drunk and hungover at the same time - classic!! XX

Sarah Elisabeth said...

Well of course I had to get my chances up.. Pretty much all of what you're planning to put in that goodiebag tempted me!

Yes, Megan has been of great help when it comes to finding new and exciting blogs. I think it is and will be very fun to read about both you and her experiences in a new country! My mom is an American expat so I've experienced it first hand, but it's always just as fun to keep hearing about it! Where in Germany are you currently living? Good luck! :)