The big giveaway ends next weekend, and I am so excited to select the winner.  I've been busy scouting the stores for ideas, and even found a nearby boutique that has affordable Euro fashion. The possibilities of what can go in the box are ENDLESS.

So are you excited yet?! I am excited to go shopping!  

This week is your last chance to put in for all three chances to win. Just to keep it fair, please know that I will be verifying all Tweet links and blog posts. So.... if you forgot to do the appropriate shout-outs, now is your chance. 

Also, if you want to increase your chances - have a friend sign up and the two of you could share the prize. Just a suggestion......kind of like how friends go in for the lottery.  

The giveaway ends on 5/31 with the winner being announced on Tuesday (June 2nd - after the holiday weekend, of course).  Good luck to everyone!!!

Click HERE or else directly on the Germany flag (upper right corner of the blog) to enter this fabulous and unique giveaway.

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