Sexy Cigarettes? Oui!! Long hair? Non.

In a bold and adventurous move, I rented a car yesterday and drove myself on the autobahn to Metz, France. Yes FRANCE! I was screaming in excitement as I was crossing the border. The feeling of gratitude and pure joy was overwhelming.

Who gets to do this? On a boring old Wednesday, nonetheless.

There are SEVERAL Different posts associated with this 11 hour sensory overload trip, so today I will highlight three things:

Metz France is apparently my mother ship. All (and I mean 70%) had my hairstyle or some variation of it! I blended right in! Long hair is OUT, as French women are sporting short yet soft stylish do's. 

French women have mastered the art of smoking. I'm not a smoker, and I am ofter the first to scrunch up my nose in judgement around Americans. But here? This is something different.

The way the women hold the cigarette and gracefully bring it to their mouth is quite unique. Maybe it's because they are beautiful with great clothes, so the cigarette functions as an accessory and not a dirty smoking stick. It deserves to be mentioned.

Everyone in France wears black, right? No, well 'non', if you're speaking French. The weather was sunny and warm (78 degrees), so I decided to wear white pants and a nude colored shirt. And lucky me - so did everyone else! White was EVERYWHERE. Apparently if the weather is over 69, the color goes from one extreme (black) to the other (white). The classic 'striped shirt' was a frequent sight too!

Sorry for the 'backside' photos. I haven't mastered the art of taking photos without people seeing me. Even now, there is usually a photo of someone watching me try to be sneaky.

Wish I could have gotten the front of this. Great layered outfit! Notice the cigg in the right hand?

Tons of stripes. Most of the women were rocking stilettos on the cobblestones. Uh-mazing.

Older French Couple. He patiently waited a long time while she dug through her purse.

This woman was GORGEOUS and she had this fit teeny-tiny little athletic body. All while puffing on her cig.

Ignore the mad looking German woman, but look at the ladies-who-lunch on the right.
Here is another pic of teeny-tiny. I was psuedo stalking her.

Even little girls are stylish. She was rocking the leopard print dress while spending the day with her father.
I wasn't up for asking someone to take my photo, so I was very pleased when I found this mirror finish door by the cathedral.


Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

How exciting just going to France for the day. I love your stalking shots.

Pleemiller said...

you make me almost want to enlist for the road trips. thanks for taking me to france this morning.

xStroutx said...

How gorgeous are you? I just can not pull off white pants...And I am so jealous of your being able to take a day trip to France, I LOVE it there.

Anonymous said...

oh my goshhhhh how freaking awesome you just rented a car and took off! i absolutely love it!!! and the photos are fabulous! and the fashion is amazing!

next time you venture out, hop on a plane to bergen, norway ;-)

Gawgus things... said...

You look fantastic - and the reason french women are so slim? They smoke.... Have contemplated taking up the pipe!!! Hope you had fun chez nous, try and make it to Paris next time :) xxx

Miss K said...

so exciting and brave! loved your outfit and all the pics you took! your outfit was super fab

Claudia Moser said...

As Gawgus said, next destination should be Paris! So happy that you had this spontaneous idea :)

Sarah Elisabeth said...

I am extremely jealous of you. I have great plans of one day flying in to Paris, renting a car and driving to Strasbourg in Alsace. Have you ever been to that part of France, since its so close to Germany?

tracy@sellabitmum said...

French women are truly exquisite. Love this amazing pictures.

Ruzanne said...

Hi Michelle from Washington State! LOL! I love your hair... Gee, makes me wanna go back to highschool when Demi Moore had Ghost... and a few weeks before it was on the moviehouses, I ALREADY had her hair! LOL! Love your sense of adventure and KEEN observation of what's going on. Keep it up, girl.

victoryvintageb said...

These are GREAT!!! So fun to spend the day with you like this ;-)Great to see the looks over there. Oh my goodness if we could get women to wear Stilettos down here in the south like that!!! Ah...

Andi said...

Glad you finally got to stick your big toe in France!