French Blonde Bombshells

During my recent trip to France, I discovered that companies hand out full colored magazines and catalogs. They are in front of the store and are free for the taking. One of the mags I picked up is for a famous hair company, and lucky me - the edition was a tribute to blonde beauties. Here is the first paragraph in the magazine:

"Fair hair is a powerful symbol: often inspiring jealousy, it fascinates and charms. It is a colour synonymous with the purity, sweetness and naturalness. The blonde woman embodies not only the child-woman worthy of protection, but also the sexy femmme fatale who devastates men and is much envied. (Dessage mag, 8/9).

Sorry to all of my brunette friends out there, you're fabulous too - this just happens to be the only hair mag I picked up.

For those blonde loving and new style seeking friends - check out the fabulous photos!

So pretty. Uber short, but feminine

This is such a perfect 70's / French look.

A bit of comb-over going on here (read: Trump!), but still very sexy as long as the wind doesn't kick up.

Everything looks better in black and white

I like #2 and #4 for me.


Soooo pretty.

Love this, but the military hat would destroy the look. The bangs would need to be trimmed every week. Hmmm.... I actually am loving this one. Think it would be ok with fine hair?

I really like this one too, but I'm beginning to think it looks a bit Beckham. Your thoughts?

I'm due for a cut and color. Here come the dreaded decision process of finding a good hairstylist, colorist AND one who speaks English. Ugggh.

Which hairstyle would you pick for me???? Or how about for you?

Photos courtesy of dessange.


Leah said...

In the picture with the four women, I like #2. I think it would be gorgeous on you! As for me, I have super thick, wavy, hair, and a lot of it. As much as having short easy hair sounds appealing, I think I would look ridiculous! Good luck, you are beautiful no matter which you choose!

Anonymous said...

im loving it except it makes me miss being blonde AGHHHH! ill be back to my blonde self hopefully again soon ;-)

for you i like the last girl (that is by herself)...the one u said was like beckham ;-) it reminds me of kate ryan (the singer). :-)

The Fashionable Traveler said...

Lol...I've been strategically planning my transition to blonde after being a red head for 17 years. I always say, "Nobody likes pink roots!" I'm not quite the "bombshell" blonde I want to be be, but it's definitely a lot of fun!

Miss K said...

great. now i want to cut my hair lol

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Leah! I like #2 as well, and is probably the closest to what I have already.

You are soooo lucky to have thick hair - I'm envious. You're right, you need to rock longer hair. Lucky girl. Baby fine hair blows!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Ms. Megan - I thought of you when I posted this, ha. You look fab as a brunette. Plus - its easier, right?

I got a quote today on a color/cut and it'll be around $140 on the local economy. Pretty much the same as the states. How did hair stuff become so expensive? Its such a rip off.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

The Fashionable Traveler - thanks for stopping by! Red hair is very high maintenace, would love to see you as a blonde bombshell!

Ms K - you'll probably have to wait awhile. Your new husband might fuh-reak out if you chop off your beautiful hair one week after the wedding. Ha.

Jello said...

can i please THANK YOU for that!!!! where I am, nobody cares for short hair, ESPECIALLY if you're blonde. i'm blonde. due to some past abuse, i had to get my hair cut short... and i've been feeling left out a bit. so, i'm so happy to read this post! i feel so much better. thanks! you rock my world!

Talitha said...

I agree with you, love the first pic. I don't think it'll look 'Beckhamy' :) Plus, you'll make the style yours

Talitha xx

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Totally agree with Talitha the fist one is so nice and not Beckhamy.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Ms. Jello - you are so in style and you didn't even know it. Now you can say, "it's French" when you talk about your hair.

So far it looks like photos #1 is a winner (so far). Now the challenge will be to find someone that can manage the cut and color. I went to one place off-base and all I heard was the word 'highlights'. Uh NO, keep the stripey stuff away, I'm all about the BLEACH.

victoryvintageb said...

Beautiful and your so right!The Blond is with angled bangs in the white pussybow blouse is my FAV pic for you. I think the sides whisped up was an earlier look and the new is a bit edgy. Lots of lowlight and highlights to add dimension..LOVE it!

emma basilone said...

LOVE the second to last one! Of course my opinion maybe jaded since it looks kinda like my hair haha

oksana said...

I love "Soooo pretty" style, chic, fashionable and still very romantic!!!