Tapas and a Secret Hidden Bar

The benefit of eating in Germany is the ability to visit authentic restaurants from immigrants from all over the world. Let's say you're hungry and in the mood for.....

French deli sandwich. That is
decadent slices of Camembert!
Italian? Check.
French? Check.
British? Check. Kind of gross, but hey - if that's your thing....it's here.
Turkish? Check
Mexican? Nope - not here. If you do find something claiming to be Mexican food - run away. 

The problem with not having Mexican food is you begin to crave it (we always want what we can't have, right?). The closest solution is to enjoy Spanish food. Not quite the same thing, but the abundance of cumin can quench a south-of-the-border parched palette. 

Random people. Aren't the red pendant lights spicy?

Some co-workers and I recently found an outdoor tapas joint. The small plates were filled with olives, cheeses, chorizo, potatoes with cumin sauce, calamari and plenty of feta. DELICIOUS, and they sell Spanish wine by the carafe. We'll take two please!  

Here's the cool part, while I was wandering off to find the water closet (in the basement - of course), I stumbled upon the most unique bar. It has dome ceilings, cinder blocks and rustic wood booths. Isn't this amazing? How do you even begin to build something like this? I think it's my newest hidden gem. I'll be back for sure!




Jen Watts said...

Amazing!! I would def miss Mexican also, but glad you found some cumin ;)

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Ms. Jen! There is a Taco Bell on base - but that doesn't really count. Thanks for stopping by ;)

Andi said...

The whole time I worked in Swittzerland and France I was dying for Mexican - rare to find and always awful. It has only been in the past 6 months that they started really great Mexican food in Paris - I would have killed for it when I was living there, but now I wouldn't eat it because I can get it all the time now. BUT if you do get to go to Paris and want to try some, let me know I will give you some addresses!