New Friends - Discovered Haphazardly

Moving to a new place alone has its challenges. I envisioned arriving and meeting all of these amazing girlfriends almost instantly. As you can expect that didn't happen, and last night I had a WAVE OF LONLINESS as I realized I was the only person sitting by themself at the movie.

Afterwards I was dying to order a large beer at the BrauHaus but couldn't bring myself to sitting at a bar alone. I think it looks too DESPERATE, plus I wouldn't meet fun girlfriends, just drunk men. No thanks. 

While walking home my supervisor drove by and picked me up., He invited me out to a group/work birthday party later on that evening - which I happily accepted (after asking several questions to ensure I wasn't getting roped into the 'surprise date'. More to come on this touchy topic...).

Guess what - I had the best time! I met 3 fun girlfriends and we stayed out till 2am telling stories and laughing while enjoying the German beer I had been craving. We even pigged out at a Doner Kebap, which is seared lamb with cabbage, tomatoes, onions and garlic yogurt sauce wrapped up in a declicious thin bread. So good! 

MAJOR PERK: My new girlfriend Donna invited me to join her and her co-workers on a trip to France this morning. Yes, FRANCE!!!! In my late night stupor I enthusiastically agreed.  Sad to say I had to cancel this morning as I realized I am on a dumb 2-week travel probation (everyone has to do this when they first arrive). SUCK. We made plans to go out locally Thursday night instead. Yay for new friends!


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

That's awesome! Good for you!!

And you'll have to do a makeup trip to France :)

Miss K said...

That's awesome!! Yay for new friends!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you have met some people! Sucks you had to cancel on France, but I am so sure you'll have other opportunities to head that way!!! :-)

And I laugh at how you said you couldn't sit at bar alone! I actually often prefer going to the bar by myself as opposed to with people!!! LOL I have met some of the coolest people this way. Actually in early 2008 in Frankfurt I went to bar alone and met two girls that are still GREAT friends of mine today! They were so excited when they found out I was from the US, and one of them had been here so many times, so they were interested in chatting. Doesn't always happen, but you never know :-)

Hope you're having an amazing time and downing a big tall German lager for me!

Jello said...

oh, awesome! looks like you're quite the social butterfly! good luck with the new peeps ; )

Vern said...

No please dont be lonely in Germany!!! I love that you met some cool girls! This is the adventure of a lifetime!! I agree go to a bar alone. I bet you would meet some awesome people!!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Vern! Really? The bar alone.....ugh. Ok - I will hit one and see what happens.

Being here active duty is sooooo different than popping in for 2 weeks with the reserves. I have to 'sign out' when I leave the area PLUS get approval for all trips. Major culture shock.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Megan your story is inspiring - plus it was backed up by Ms. Vern so I will hit a bar alone. I think it depends on the bar too, some seem more inviting than others.

I can't believe you're still in touch with your bar friends - thats amazing. You must have really made an impact on them. Thanks for the support!

Andi said...

Oh merde! Hopefully you will get another opportunity!