I've Been Caught! So busted.

In some of my past posts I've been noting that my camera skills are far from stealthy and some businesses owners have been less than thrilled with my camera use. I have been getting odd looks along with the random stink-eye, but no one has actually 'said' anything to me.

So.....yesterday I was taking photos and after a day of unfortunate looking people (I'll post evidence at the end), I saw two pretty blondes sitting on a bench. I tried to get a quick shot while I was walking their direction - thinking that images of the locals would be interesting for the blog.

Blurry, but it looks like she's looking at me.

Let's take a closer look. Yep, she sees me. Oops.
About 5 minutes later, my friend Sebastian says, "Hey - you should get a picture of the transvestite. She's right behind you". Without turning around, I lift my camera over my shoulder and click (my first time trying this sneaky camera move).

I start walking down the street and look at the photo. Crap! I realize it's the same blonde girl from the bench and she looks pretty pissed in the picture. Transvestite?! What is he talking about? She is actually a pretty girl. 

Sort of dark, but looking kinda of mad.

Lightened up the photo .....and yep, she's pissed.
A few minutes later, here comes BLONDE TRANNY (I'll just stick with the term, it's a nickname at this point) storming up to me. Standing about 2 inches away from me (phew, the garlic - holy crap, she has to be Russian) she glares down at me and says very rudely,  "BLAH-blah blah, (read: foreign language). 

With the most innocent look possible, I sweetly say, "Sorry.........I only speak English".

Now even more pissed, she says (in perfect English) "YOU TOOK MY PICTURE!" and she points at my camera. She says in a very loud tone "LET ME SEE IT, I want to see it. YOU SHOW IT TO ME NOW!!!!

I stand there and look at her dumbfounded. Realizing she's probably 2 seconds from  grabbing my camera (Tranny is a giant btw - towering over me, she has to be over 6"). I stall, not knowing what to do. 

As a quick way to buy more time I say, "Whaaaattt?" (like I didn't hear her).

She repeats her above statement and is now about to explode. I realize I have limited options, so I fess up and say "I thought your were pretty, so I wanted to take your picture".

My compliment threw her off completely. She stood there for a second letting it sink in. She gave me a 'huff' with her breath, turned around quickly and stomped back to her friend. I think to myself "Whew, major ass-kicking avoided. Close call".

So....the question is: if you are in public, do you have any privacy rights when it comes to things like  photography? Papparazzi takes photos of celebrities all of the time.

Also, any ideas why she would be so mad over me taking her photo? That was a big reaction to something very minor. And just to clarify, Blonde Tranny is not a tranny. She is in fact, a giant tall pretty blonde girl with anger issues from somewhere in Eastern Europe.  And Tranny.... if you ever stumble upon my blog and see this photo of yourself.......please don't kick my ass. Thanks.

Photo Bonus:
This is what I mean by unfortunate looking people. Not judging, just saying it wasn't an eye candy day. You would never see this in France.


Megan said...

LOL omggggg! I would have died if I had been caught!! So glad it was you and NOT me!

I have never taken pics of random people (except occasionally with my cell phone), so I don't have any tips to share...but I am TOTALLY curious as to how people do it!!!

And I like how you labelled this post 'photography, TRANNY, travel'. LOL!!!!

Talitha said...

hahah, that is hilarious! I always try for some sneaky photos - but I only do it with my camera phone. That way I can look like I am typing a message and actually snap some pics.
Have never tried with my camera.

Maybe if you do again, aim the camera towards the person but look in another direction when pressing the button. It will prob look like your not actually doing anything.

I would of gone all red like a tomato if I got caught haha.

Talitha xx

xStroutx said...

Oh dear... that sounds somewhat scary! It always amazes me how some people can be totally beautiful and yet seriously hate having their photos taken

victoryvintageb said...

OMG this was so funny to read but I was scared for you too!!LOL!! Was she really a Tranny? WOW!I have never been comfortable taking anyone's picture without their permission, I bet if you asked her she might have been flattered to begin with and might bring her and her friends to your blog, you never know.
I like the photos you share! Always do,

Jello said...

oh my, i could feel the butterflies in my stomach has i was reading this... to respond to your question... well, i personally think we all have privacy rights which is why i never post pictures of people i didn't ask permission first. it saves me to get my ass wiped. lol but it's up to you, i guess. great story though. it entertained me! ♥

Anonymous said...

Wow...crazy! Glad that you escaped with your dignity, some great pictures and kick-butt {hilarious} story intact!'

xx Cat brideblu

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I know, crazy stuff! I was a bit scared actually, and haven't taken any photos since. I need to get back on the horse though, I have a blog to maintain.

And just to clarify -she was a 'faux tranny'. I just think the term was funny so it stuck.

Gawgus things... said...

Sooo funny! To be honest though, I would just ask them if you could take their photo and explain that you have a blog. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't be flattered (except if they're doing smoething they shouldn't!). Maybe get some free business cards printed up with your blog name and logo that you could give to them... xxx

Always Appropriate Laughter said...

Hello! I was doing random blog readings and came across yours. The post was totally hilarious! Love the pictures and the story that goes with it! Now I know to always use the excuse, "I thought you were pretty..." to get out of sticky situations.

Nikki's World said...

Michelle- your post is really funny to me. The picture of the girl with the faded jeans in the back, you need to tell her to watch What Not to Wear! :) haha. I love you stories from Germany. Great job avoiding an ass beating

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Nikki! I know what you're saying - its so true. There is a TON of bad fashion in Germany, I could do so many posts on it. Its odd that one little border could make such a diference with clothing. Its night and day!

I'm sure a potential beat-down is headed my way again at some point in the near future. At least my embarassment and humiliation makes for good postings for everyone else. I'm off to a beer festival today, so lets see what trouble I can get into.