60's - the final post

Well, it's the final 60's post for 'now'. However, when inspiration hits I reserve the right to resurrect the series and add more fun photos. Today's post is a mix of reader photos and incredible photos.


Ms. Brande from Victory Vintage generously sent me her incredible 60's inspired photos. A Ferris scarf paired with oversized sunnies. Brande features daily outfits that are a mix of vintage and new pieces. You know those days where you have nothing to wear in your closet? Check out Brande's blog and copy of her her ga-zillion looks.  

AND NEXT....look who's stopping by to visit all the way from New Zealand - Ms. Helga!!! Yay!
Her mantra is 'It's Better to be Looked Over than Over Looked'. Don't you just love that? Every day she posts photos of her colorful outfits (all fabulously op-shopped, of course). Thank you Helga for sharing your 1960's makeup look with us! I'm sure this was a 'Tuesday' laundry day or Thursday's lunch photo. You know how to keep everyday fabulous!


Doesn't this look suspiciously like Louis Vuitton??

Where are their pants? Those are not dresses.

Knee socks! My fave.

Notice their hats? Copy cat designers.

You know I love this. Busy tights and a busy dress = fun (and possible headache for co-workers).

Classic 60's. Add black tights to anything.

Wow - super short. How would you even sit down in this? Let alone try and climb into (or out of) your car?


Helga! said...

Totally fabulous,darling!It's been awesome!I'm gonna go check out Ms Victory Vintage,she looks divine!XXX

Sarah Pearson said...

I love these, thank you :-)

Christianna said...

Some of these are crazy! Thank GOD for the 60's, right?!

victoryvintageb said...

Haha..I am so engrossed into the busy stripes and polka dot tights look. LOVE!! I kept coming back to that photo. Thanks for sharing your love of the 60's with us. Yes Thank God for this era!

Heather, 29 Skirts said...

Great outfit inspiration, and I love Helga's mantra! Ha!