EURO TRASH - The Oktoberfest Volksfest Edition

Welcome back to Euro Trash - where I take a menagerie of photos and throw them together with witty or insightful comments. This is a special edition of my recent trip to Oktoberfest (ok, technically Volksfest - but you get the idea). 

It's an easy read - sit back and scroll through the fun.

As soon as I got off the train at the festival, there were a group of 20 men wearing these light blue Edelweiss flowered shirts.I was perplexed and thought maybe this was 'The Shirt'.  Come to find out they were all French. Of course they wouldn't be caught-dead wearing 'costumey' Lederhosen, so they designed their own matching dress shirts. I love the French! Who else would have thought to do that?  

Now this is what I was expecting. The outfits here were pretty much standard, except for variations of accessories.

Shockingly enough, this is a family event. There were children and elderly - all dancing on the tables. Isn't this old guy the cutest?!

Intrigued by their unusual outfits, I stopped them and inquired if there was a story (remember, I was perplexed about the French; so I was thinking they were Czech or something and trying to be different). COOL STORY: These 3 men are Stone Masons (Free Masons if you want to be technical). What is that you ask? They are part of the elite society that hand carves the stones in the cathedrals and castles around Europe. It was explained that their light colored corded outfits are traditional for those with their craft. They were the  only ones I saw wearing this throughout the festival. I felt honored to meet them - how cool!! 

Everyone stands on the table and sings German songs (well, technically they were bad American songs sang in German - like 'Gloria. Gloria. I think they've got your NUMBER. Gloria. Cause everybody wants you - etc. ). It is no joke either, Germans serioulsy LOVE David Hasselhoff. They went ballistic whenever one of his songs came on.

You know how you go to Mexico and the girls try to sell you jello shots? Or maybe you're sitting in a lounge (anywhere) - and someone tries to sell you a ratty-looking single stem rose? Same concept here, but instead of shots or flowers - a BLOOD ALCOHOL MONITOR is offered. For 2e, you can blow into it and see where you're at with your alcohol goals. Brilliant idea! However - it seemed more like a party trick instead of a helpful preventative option before driving anywhere. Has anyone seen this offered before?

I chased her down to get a photo of her fab pink outfit. She was the only unique outfit I saw amongst a sea of traditional dresses. Isn't she a doll? Love the LV bag and combat boots.

Noone really wore hats at the festival, so I was happy to find this guy standing by himself styling a green felt Bavarian cap. He agreed to have his photo taken , and this girl MAGICALLY appeared out of thin air, and wrapped herself around him completely as if to say "he's mine!". I was like.... geez, settle down. I'm just taking a photo. It was funny how quick she was, and you KNOW it made his night!
I thought theses guys looked very stylish in their traditional garb. Notice how close they are? European men are much more affectionate with each other than they are in the states.
I still can not get over over friendly everyone was here. People LOVED to have their photo taken. Aren't they a cute couple? There is that cookie necklace again. Seems like such a waste that you're not supposed to eat it. I wish I would have bought one now (yes, I would eat it).
This is my favorite photo, but only because I saw what happened right after I took this picture. See how intently she is staring at her menu? This street clown snuck up and SCARED the CRAP out of her. It was hysterical. She ended up giving him a handful of money and her friend couldn't stop laughing.

Pretty traditional German dresses. Too boring for me, but these girls looked lovely.

I will be featuring a few other posts on Oktoberfest throughout the month. This was such a fun weekend that one Euro Trash doesn't even touch it.



Gawgus things... said...

Looks such great fun! Can't believe everyone actually dresses up! Fab :) xxx

Miss K said...

i love it!!!! all the costumes are great, esp that pink get up!

Christianna said...

Awesome costumes from everyone! I'm digging the whole free mason thing, how cool was that? Looks like you had an amazing time!

Sarah Pearson said...

I'm not surprised that woman appeared out of nowhere, not only are you hawt woman, you had hats in common :-)

Beth said...

this is cool! I should show you come of the crazy pics we got...apparently I saw the mayor of Munich haha. And as for dancing...I definitely did the YMCA haha. LOVE the pink lederhosen! That's great! My Dirndl was pink :)

Bibi said...

David Hasselhoff!! Hahahaha, yes I love(d) him, too, that's too funny!

I seriously love the pink outfit. She's adorable!

Awesome pictures, Michelle!

Alex said...

Awesome post!! I always wanted to go to Oktoberfest. :)

Anonymous said...

Love this! My fave (obvio) is the chick in the pink outfit with the LV. I have such a fascination with the German culture after taking 3 yrs in high school.

Krista said...

What a killer time you had I love all the pictures and stories. The Stone Masons are way cool and I love that you are totally interacting with strangers. Way to mingle sister! I can't believe that gal selling a BAM test! I'll spend my 2e on more beer thank you!

My fav is the adorable blond in her pink short outfit, now there's a fashonista! Thanks for sharing!