Belgium has an easy style to it, and not only is it easy to pull off - it is a classic look that could be worn anywhere in the world (weather permitting). Top off your outfit with a creamy red lipstick and voila - instant Belgium style. 

Unfortunately....my camera is on its last leg, so my street style photos didn't turn out very well. To show you the look, I've put together a Polyvore for a quick visual reference. The palette in this country is more brown than black. Rich shades of cognac and butterscotch are preferred over chocolate brown, and they look beautiful when paired with grays and creams. Belgium Style 2011
Interchange freely: skirts (mid thigh to knee length), top jacket, tights/sockens, brown boots and top it off with a MASSIVE chunky scarf.

Flea market bliss tomorrow!



Sarah Pearson said...

Funny, I would never think of putting grey and brown together but it works well.

Krista said...

Just like some people have a hard time wearing bright colors I feel the same about these neutrals, they are beautiful but man there are kinda blah :)
I can't wait to see your flea market finds.

Christianna said...

Love this look! I wanna go create an outfit now!

Miss K said...

me likey!

Claudia Moser said...

Nice combination. And do drop on my website, an award is waiting for you :)

Victoria said...

Love the outfit, super nice! Love the box of chocolates too, yummy.