POSTCARDS! Such amazing friends

3 new postcards showed up in the mail:

The lovely Ms. K from Love, Lipstick and Pearls sent this postcard to me from Imperial Valley, Niland California. This mountain is actually 'painted'. Could you imagine how much work that would be? There are also caves and gardens made from clay - so it gives off a very Alice in Wonderland feeling. I want to visit!!! Thanks Ms. K - you're are one of my original followers and initial giveaway winner. Thank you for your lovely comments, support and blog love.
Ms. Luan from Green Tea and Cupcakes surprised me with this cheery Kangaroo and Koala postcard from Australia. Ms Luan is also one of my original followers (maybe even my 2nd.....) and has been a truly wonderful blogging friend. Thank you so much for this postcard -  it made my day. PLUS, MR. C and I have an inside joke about koala bears, so this was perfect.

My new friend Marie sent me this gorgeous postcard all the way from Cape Town South Africa. After reading her blog and seeing her photos, I would LOVE to visit this gorgeous city. Waterfalls, French flair and gorgeous beaches put this amazing city on my list! Timing couldn't have been more perfect. Her postcard arrived at work yesterday, any later and I never would have received it. Thanks Marie for letting me carry a postcard home from work instead of nothing - receiving mail here has always been so important. Confession: Marie! I'm having a blonde moment and can not find your blog. Will you please post the current blog address in the comments?

As I'm packing up my things, I can't help but notice how many postcards I am taking down. 68 to be exact! 68!!

I was thinking my time here in Germany has flown by, but reading the cards left me realizing just HOW LONG I've actually been here. Between 12-hour work days and extensive travel, the deployment has become one big BLUR. I'm so grateful for the photos I've taken and the blog stories I've written, otherwise all of the of the details would have become lost and jumbled.

Thank you everyone for the lovely postcards you sent my way, as well as the stickers for Fifi, note cards and well wishes. I'm down to DAY 3, let's see what trouble adventures I can find before I leave.


Adventures with Fifi - the last daysFarewell Fifi - you're on your own.
Creepy and Spooky Germany - just in time for Halloween 
Farewell Germany, you've been good to me


Krista said...

3 days and counting WOO WOO!!! I bet you are getting pretty excited. Happy Homecoming!!!

Christianna said...

Post cards are the best! This is awesome!

Miss K said...

thanks for the shoutout! i can't believe your time is coming to an end so quickly!!

Sarah Pearson said...

What lovely postcards. If you get time, in between your packing, have a quick look at my post from last Wednesday on my blog :-)(It's the post before last).

Bibi said...

I keep thinking about you and coming home! Hope your travels will be good and fun :)

I would love to see that Mountain in real live it looks awesome!!!

♥ Bibi

Lovely Light said...

Hey there! I'm glad my post card made it! Took a while! My blog addy is:
Safe travels!