Crap Friend Behavior + New Friends

I can be such a CRAP FRIEND when it comes to birthdays. 

Last month I was (really) late with my best friend Danelle (who's graciously agreed to let me make it up to her when I get home.....TG!), and then now my oldest and dearest friend Veronica (aka Vern) just turned 40.

Instead of calling her and wishing her a fabulous birthday, I was celebrating Oktoberfest and completely forgot about anything else. Ouch.

Such crap friend behavior - I know!! 

It's like I'm in my own little world here in Germany, and have been REALLY bad about keeping in touch.  Hopefully everyone will forgive me when I come home. I will have presents as peace offerings ...... so that should help, right?

Sorry Vern!!!!! I love you - Happy Birthday Pretty Girl!!

Good news - my new blogging bestie Christianna from The Girl with the Blue Bow is featuring me on her fabulous blog today. Check out the answers to my questions HERE.

Do you have a new blogging friend that you would like to introduce to your circle of friends? Why not shamelessly copy be inspired by Christianna's idea and come up with your own interview questions? It is so much fun to find new friends, and before you know - you're friends with their friends, and then it feels like you have your own special club.

Feel free to use my 'New Friends' pic if you want feature an interview segment on your blog.



Christianna said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful link up! That "New Friends" pic is epic! I'm glad we are friends now!

Krystal said...

you have such a cute blog! i am a crap friend also, i moved from the US to switzerland and do the same thing...totally far away over here.

Helga! said...

ARGH!!! You looked SO HOT at the beerfest!!!! I think I would have groped you!!!
I've been so busy partying I've missed some fabulous posts!!! OOOOOOOO!

Meri said...

hey, just show them you care, and be honest about how hard its been to stay connected. They will probably appreciate your straightforwardness. I popped over here from Christianna's blog, I'm excited to read more expat stories :)

Imogen said...

Fabulous blog, pleased I found it now, love the layout too. Thanks for a sweet comment.

Krista said...

You two are adorable! Friends always forgive when the friendships are real.